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kioti mechron price

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If you're looking for a Kioti Mechron for sale UK then the Kioti K9 2400 is the latest model. For the latest Kioti Mechron price click here.

It's tough. It's reliable. It's also an incredible amount of fun to ride. You will find that the new Kioti K9 2400 UTV for sale will be a great off-road vehicle for whatever work you need it to do. We are able to offer you a choice of plain ROPS, canopy and screen (with or without half doors), or a full cabin with a heater according to your specification. A Mechron 2400 is a vehicle that can transport up to three people in comfort, making it the ideal vehicle for the transportation of your staff and tools. Mechron 2400 is a road homologated vehicle and has a higher ground clearance than many other tractors. Because of this, it is suitable for working on all types of terrain. It is also possible to obtain a fully finished cabin with a heater and great visibility as an option. The new CVT transmission is smooth on the uptake as well as when it slows down. Another characteristic of the new model is its low noise level and low vibration levels. In order to ensure that the unit remains to look good for many years to come, the rear bed has been covered with Urethane. The engine power is 24HP and the maximum speed is 40 km/h and the responsive CVT transmission is also present. This stylish and practical designed front bonnet has low levels of sound and vibration. It also has a double wishbone shock absorber, tilt steering and a digital cluster.

With an engine power of 24 HP, this new eco-friendly diesel engine provides powerful performance as well as improved fuel efficiency while reducing noise levels significantly. [EEC Homologation:] The more powerful engine and efficient transmission are able to offer a maximum speed of up to 40km/h (European Commission regulated speed limit). There is no doubt that the K9 series will make the experience of driving and working with them even more enjoyable. Improved Braking Performance The Longlasting Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes with a Mechanical Parking Brake give the vehicle excellent braking performance with minimal effort. The vehicle's safety has been improved by 30% compared to the previous model. Its CVT has been improved so that it starts smoothly and responds quickly with two-speed ranges (Hi/Lo) and the 4WD function.

There is enough room for three people in the contoured bench seats, which are the widest in their class, combined with a separate bucket seat for the driver. This vehicle meets the safety requirements of ANSI, SAE, and EEC with reinforced ROPS. This digital dashboard which is centrally located to the driver provides improved visibility at any time of the day or night. The operator is able to check functions such as a tachometer, an hour meter, the RPM and the gear range on the machine. The steering wheel adjustment is simplified by a push lever, allowing the operator to adjust the steering wheel easily according to their needs. The combination of driver-centric controls and an ergonomically designed interior provides a more comfortable, agile and in-control driving experience.

A convenient location of the car-type operating controls makes it easy for anyone to operate and increases the pleasure of driving. Power and USB Sockets Standard USB ports and 12-volt electric sockets provide excellent options for powering additional electrical devices.

The cargo bed is very spacious and can carry a large amount of cargo. For maximum corrosion resistance, the rear load space is coated with a urethane spray coating. There is an optional hydraulic dumping kit available to make it suitable for hard work under any conditions. There is also the option of a galvanised rear livestock/storage canopy to be installed on the rear load space of the vehicle. With a single-piece tailgate that can be folded out to 90 degrees, loading and unloading are made easier.

Beckside Machinery is officially the UK's number one Kioti Dealer for more information on the Kioti Mechron or Kioti Tractors click here.

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