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Kubota B2100 second hand tractor for sale

We have in stock an excellent used compact tractor for sale. A Kubota compact tractor, the B2100 is a 21HP, 4-wheel drive small tractor for sale that includes a 60" mid-deck mower. This superb micro-tractor has only 1889 hours on the clock and can be purchased either alone, or as a bespoke tractor package deal with whatever compact tractor attachments, you require, such as a flail mower or tractor loader, etc. Call us on 01673 828 965 about this superb second-hand compact tractor.

"The Kubota B2100 I bought replaced a 17 year old Yanmar compact tractor 240. The motivations for buying the Kubota tractor were:

  • 4 wheel-drive.

  • An easier to connect and remove tractor mower.

  • A machine that would serve at least until I retired.

I already had a 4 ft Sovema rototiller and a 6' rear blade. I have since attached a 5' King Kutter box blade. I use the Kubota compact tractor to mow 2 acres of field weekly during the grass cutting period. It also rototills at least one field per year. Snow removal use fluctuates, but it earned its keep here in the winter of 2009-2010. I have experienced no mechanical problems with the tractor in 11 years. I have worn out a set of front tires due to front end tractor loader work. The new front tires seem a bit more durable, and I hope to work them also.

I can cut 6 acres of grass on a single tank of fuel (roughly 5 gallons). This is the fuel economy I anticipated when I bought the tractor. The Kubota manages all the tasks I ask of it - cutting grass, rototilling gardens and infrequently other areas, moving snow, spreading and flattening stone in a gravel driveway, hauling mulch about the yard in the loader and supplying a good stage to teach a closely supervised grandson how to operate the equipment safely."

*Beckside Machinery are used compact tractor dealers and new tractor dealers UK.

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