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The new M6001 Utility tractor for sale is available in a variety of power outputs ranging from 102 horsepower to 141 horsepower with a choice between a small or large chassis. This machine offers stability, comfort, ease of manoeuvrability, and efficiency. As a result of its full range of Stage V engines; a 3.8l engine is installed in the small chassis (short wheelbase) version and a 6.1l engine in the large chassis (long wheelbase) version, the M6001 Utility can easily be adapted to suit any type of farm, farm or field assignment. Furthermore, both the small chassis and the large chassis options offer a good combination of manoeuvrability and stability and are available with suspension on the front axle for maximum comfort.

It has ergonomically located control buttons, a standard sunroof for top visibility, as well as a safety clearance of approximately 4.5 meters and a good capacity for lifting up to 6100 kilos when operated from the armrest. This makes the M6001 Utility tractor a perfect solution for any owner or worker on a farm.

With its electro-hydraulic shuttle coupled with its eight powershift transmission, this Kubota Tractor provides maximum productivity and operator comfort during transportation and front-loading operations.

There is a possibility that this tractor will be available in Europe from the first quarter of 2022 onward.

Here are some things you need to know about Kubota

Since 1890, Kubota has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural, turf and construction equipment, as well as Industrial Engines and compact tractors for sale. In addition to its headquarters in Osaka, Japan and offices in more than 120 countries, Safran has more than 41,000 employees throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

In 2020, Kubota was able to achieve revenue of $17.3 billion. Despite the fact that Kubota is known primarily for its agricultural equipment, the company produces a wide range of various products including city-wide water filtration systems, irrigation, piping, roofing, housing, and large underground valves.

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