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L2501 KUBOTA TRACTOR HST vs the CK2610H KIOTI TRACTOR - Which is a better compact tractor?

For those looking for a sturdy 4x4 compact tractor in the 25 Horsepower class, there is small doubt that both the Kubota L2501 HST and Kioti CK2610H compact tractors will be near the top of nearly everyone's list to check out. Both are well-built compact tractors for sale, have excellent warranties and customer support accessible, and both tractors are very popular. Their versatility makes them excellent for anything from jobs round the property to construction class applications, and everything in between.

So, with that said, what are the dissimilarities between these two awesome contenders? We took a strong look at both the Kioti tractor and the Kubota tractor for sale, reviewed each small tractor in terms of six important areas which included i) dimensions; ii) engine execution; drive train abilities; iii) hydraulic operation iv)driver features; v) warranty; and equally as essential vi) sub-compact tractor prices.

Later you will discover the results of our head to head measurement where we have pointed out the similarities and the discrepancies between these two tractors. We found compelling characteristics and advantages in each unit, and overall, in our view, either one would be a great compact tractor to own. Ultimately, you can examine the Kubota and Kioti Tractors and judge for yourself.

L2501 Kubota Tractor vs CK2610 Kioti Tractor for sale UK - Dimensions

First, Let's take a peek at how the 2019 L2501 Kubota Tractor models vs the Kioti CK2610H compare in overall dimensions of each compact tractor.

While these two tractors are pretty similar in terms of dimensions, overall the L2501 Kubota tractor is smaller than CK2610H Kioti tractors, but not by much. Both have the same width at 55.1 inches. Both small tractors for sale are very close on turning space, approximately eight feet. The Kubota tractor has the advantage in height if garaging or shed storehouse is essential, as the L2501 is 7.5 inches lower than the Kioti CK2610H to the top of the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS).

The important difference between the dimensions of these two tractors is length and wheelbase. The Kioti 2610H beats the L2501 Kubota tractor in both designations. The Kioti utility tractor has a more elongated frame, giving it about 14 inches more length in whole than the Kubota, which is quite a lot when contemplating balance. It means even more if you plan on using compact tractor attachments such as a compact tractor loader attachments or a compact tractor backhoe. The Kioti CK2610H is approximately 2.5 inches longer in wheelbase than the small Kubota tractor, which anticipates the Kioti may consistently have a better drive and more stability, especially when using compact tractor implements.

Kioti CK2610 v L2501 Kubota Tractor Engine

Kubota tractor engines UK are known for reliability, and the D1703 engine is no different. This 24.8 HP engine matches the very latest EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulations and is fuel economical, Kubota has always been perceived to build a great engine and parts are easily available. The Kubota has a small advantage in horsepower within 1%. The Kubota also takes a little bit more fuel - .4 gallons. The D1703 delivers its rated power at a decent 2200 rpm (revolutions per minute).

Kioti diesel engines are dependable in the same quality as Kubota, although lesser recognised. Kioti Tractors has been a diesel engine maker since 1947, and the Kioti Diesel is employed in many brands of equipment including JCB, Landini, Bobcat, Cub Cadet, and McCormick tractors. The tried and reliable Kioti 3A165LWM-U Diesel is known around the world as a tireless workhorse and is an intimidating opponent to the Kubota D1703 in terms of dependability and execution. It is an eco-friendly motor that produces power and solid torque yet is remarkably efficient on fuel. The Kioti holds an advantage in torque peak and absolute available torque rise, as it creates its rated power at 2600 revolutions per minute (RPM).

The Kioti 3A165LWM-U and the Kubota D1703 are notably similar in stipulations, size, and performance characteristics. In fact, in the principal measure of engine displacement, the two are indistinguishable at 100.47 cubic inches. For us, the engine execution matchup between the Kubota tractors and Kioti is simply too close to call – this one is a split choice.

Kioti CK2610H HST vs. Kubota L2501 HST – Drivetrain

The specs of the Kubota L2501 and Kioti CK2510H particular drivetrain's reflect a larger truth – there is very small difference between the pair. Both highlight hydrostatic infinite speed three (3) range transmissions, have wet disc brakes, and they yield similar live 540 rpm power takeoffs (PTO). Both the Kubota and Kioti tractor transmissions are reliable, easy to run, and are well established. In our opinion, the only notable difference between the two lies in how they are run. While the Kubota uses a individual forward and aft rocker foot pedal for driving, the Kioti employs 2 independent left and right driving pedals – one for forward and one for reverse. There is no distinct advantage to either style, so it basically comes down to personal favourite. Because there is so little variance between them, we will leave it to you to make your own opinion.

Kubota L2501 vs Kioti CK2610H Compact Tractors – Hydraulic Systems

In examining and reviewing the hydraulic systems of all, this is the sphere where significant contrasts emerge between these two small tractors. While the Kubota and Kioti both stress gears operated by hydraulic pumps, category I three-point hitch, and power hydraulic steering, but that is where the comparisons end.

While the Kubota adopts the T1150 8.18 GPM hydraulic pump as a criterion, the Kioti 2610H highlights a much larger TC24 11.70 GPM capacity hydraulic pump, solidly conquering the Kubota L2501's pump by an awesome (43%) forty-three percent. This advantage also displays in the Kioti 2610H compact tractors (242 lb) two hundred and forty-two-pound lifting capability improvement over the Kubota 3-point hitch. To take the observation further, the Kioti tractor provides more hydraulic power and flow, which can be very valuable when considering the use of compact tractor attachments like loaders and backhoes.

For hydraulic power, this one is no competition - the Kioti CK2610H soundly defeats the Kubota L2501 in hydraulic performance.

Kubota L2501 vs CK2610H Kioti Tractor Warranty

The warranty on these two compact tractors is almost identical, with the one difference that the L2501 Kubota tractor warranty has 1,500 and 2,000-hour limits, and the CK2610 Kioti tractor warranty stresses unlimited hours. We aren't sure how much of a difference this is in practicality, so we'll leave it up to you to consider how many hours of use per year is acceptable.

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