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Latest Used Compact Tractors for Sale with Loaders Week of January 24, 2024


Beckside Machinery, a leader in agricultural machinery, is thrilled to showcase our latest range of used compact tractors for sale, complete with cabs and loaders. These compact tractors are perfect for a variety of tasks, from farming to landscaping, offering efficiency and reliability.

1. Massey Ferguson 1250

First in our lineup is the Massey Ferguson 1250, priced at £10,995 plus VAT. This used compact tractor features a Lewis LandLugger Quick Release front loader, shuttle transmission, turf tyres, a heated cab, and a hydraulic system with one double-acting spool valve. With 1632 operational hours, it's a well-maintained choice for your agricultural needs.

2. John Deere 4700 The John Deere 4700, available for £12,995 plus VAT, is next. It comes with a John Deere 460 Quick Release front loader, shuttle transmission, turf tyres, a heated cab, and a double-acting spool valve for hydraulics. With 4621 hours on the clock, this tractor is in good condition and ready for a variety of tasks.

3. TYM 433 (2020 Model) At the top end, priced at £17,995 plus VAT, is the 2020 model TYM 433 Compact Tractor. It boasts a TYM Quick Release front loader, shuttle transmission, heated and air-conditioned cab, and two double-acting spool valves for hydraulics. Remarkably, it has only 609 operational hours, making it a nearly new machine at a great value.

Conclusion Whether you're looking for a tractor for commercial or personal use, Beckside Machinery has a range of options to suit your needs. These compact tractors for sale UK, each with their unique features and price points, offer something for everyone. To learn more or inquire about a purchase, please visit our website or contact us at or call 01673 828 965.

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