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New Compact Tractors 2019

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

If you’re interested in a new compact tractor for sale then the UK market has seen some exciting new additions in recent years. In this blog we showcase three different sized tractors from three different brands, starting with a new addition to the UK compact tractors market, here is the VST-EURO with Mitsubishi engine…

Compact Tractors #1 – The VST-EURO GR-185

If you want the ideal small tractor, then look no farther than the VST-EURO GR-185, which highlights an 18.5hp Mitsubishi engine. The VST-EURO operates smoothly on high-speed diesel oil, which comes from an 18-litre oil tank. You determine the speed via an ergonomic discriminating sliding gear which combines 6-speeds forward and 2-speeds in reverse with differential lock. The travelling velocity is within 1.2 kmph minimum and 14 kmph maximum.

Mitsubishi aren't the only popular compact tractor manufacturer that VST are in collaboration with. In 2017, they established an alliance with Kukje Machinery to produce Branson Tractors. "BRANSON" is a well-known compact tractor brand that have an distinguished track record of quality & client fulfilment and the VST-EURO is built to equivalent standards. With an ergonomically composed seat, fashionable dashboard, and power steering provided as standard, you can enjoy support and safety while driving, on a machine that's very pleasing to the eye.

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Compact Tractors #2 - BRANSON 2200R

This slightly larger 22HP compact tractors are feature packed with:

• Powered by eco-friendly genuine Branson Engine for longer life and improved heat dissipation.

• Dual speed independent PTO is standard stuff, which enables operator to switch to approx., 584 or 791 RPM, to run compact tractor implements more efficitnetly and with higher fuel efficiency

• Complete with 2 hydraulic pumps: One for the hydrostatic steering and one for the rest of the hydraulics which means there is sufficient pressure in the line for all functions ensuring safer controlled steering and smooth, powerful bucket operations.

• 5025h Transmission with cruise control has 3 ranges in variable speed by foot control to free hands for simple loader operation even for inexperienced operators.

If you're querying who makes Branson Tractors, then the result might surprise you. Although the company was founded in 1998 in America, their parent company is Kukje Machinery, who is based in South Korea. It was called initially Kukje Agricultural Machinery Co. and changed its name in 1978. If you want to get an idea of the kudos that Kukje Machinery has in the agricultural and machinery industry, then get this…

• Since 1980 they have collaborated with and hold a technological agreement with Yanmar, the well-known Japanese diesel engine manufacturer. So Branson Tractor engines are guaranteed to top quality and reliability.


Kukje have manufactured and distributed the John Deere tractor for the past 30-years. So, if you have been looking at a John Deere compact tractor for sale, then we'd highly recommend checking out our superb Branson range before making any decision.

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Compact Tractors #3 – KIOTI CK4010

Our final choice of compact tractors beefs up the horse power with a 38HP water cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine.

There's a lot to like in the CK 4010. Such as the industry's easiest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine, being one of the best well-made engines offering exceptional fuel economy and low emissions.

All types of the current CK4010 tractor have 3 x range hydrostatic transmission. Driving is comfortable with twin pedal controls. These premium class tractors are supplied as standard with many features that would be possibilities on competitor tractors. The high displacement powerful motors run smoothly and quietly with minimal shake. They really are a pleasure to drive. The compact tractors have oil immersed brakes giving the driver maximum safety. The spacious cabin is extremely well laid out and comes standard with air conditioning and heated rear window. The new standard function EASY SPEED / linked pedal allows the HST pedals to control the engine speed. This reduces the need for unnecessary noise and ensures that the tractor runs as economically as possible.

DEAL: Click to check out the Kioti Tractors CK4010 compact tractor for sale with HST Cab and 4-in-1 Grab Bucket

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