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Polaris ranger for sale uk smallholder story

With one million Polaris Rangers sold worldwide, its reputation as the ultimate off-road vehicle is unprecedented. Recently, Polaris has journeyed across Africa, the Middle East and Europe to explore how customers are using their Polaris Rangers in their daily lives. In their most recent video, they have visited the UK, and this is a brilliant example of how versatile a Polaris Ranger around a smallholding.

The Polaris Ranger for sale UK smallholding story...

We join the Clements family of Corbetts Hill Farm, who purchased their smallholding in 2018—located in Bedfordshire, northwest of London; this is a 10-acre smallholding situated in the stunning English countryside. To help the Clements in their manual labour around the smallholding, they purchased a Polaris Ranger 570.

Jane Clements mentioned, “Being able to have the horses on our own land is marvellous, but it is hard work. We bought our Polaris Ranger about a year ago, and what a difference it’s made. I can’t really remember how we managed before.”

In the latest Polaris Ranger story, Polaris go along with Jane for a day and film her as she manages Corbetts Hill Farm, from morning to evening. The Polaris Ranger 570, with its 227kg capacity and large cargo bed makes transportation of items such as water and horse feed easy. In addition, Jane opted for the Polaris CargoMax system and Pro Heavy-Duty winch, which can be fitted to any Polaris Ranger for sale and can be ordered from Polaris UK Dealers.

You will also see how Janes uses her Homologated Polaris Ranger 570 to drop manure off at the local allotment and visit her local equestrian supplier. Although Jane has larger off-road vehicles, she informs us that this Polaris ATV is the preferred choice, especially as it can easily travel around the shed, between gates, and through areas that larger off-road vehicles 4x4s would find it difficult to operate in.

There aren’t any days off for smallholders, and the continual amount of manual jobs are made far easier with a Polaris Ranger.

If you are interested in a Polaris Ranger, please call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965, official Polaris Dealers, UK.

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