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Tips to save money on quad bikes insurance

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Purchasing a quad is an exciting time and having the freedom to go off-roading when and as you like.  Something that feeds your adrenaline, or indeed simply having an extra set of wheels to help around the site – quads offer it all.

However, for them to be considered as road-ready, as the driver, you will not only have to hold the full UK driving licence, but the quad must also have number plates, be taxed, MOT’d, AND be insured.

Now, insurance, unfortunately, isn’t such an exciting prospect, but it is a legal requirement.

In this post, we look at some hints and tips on how you can save on your quad bike’s insurance cost.

Saving you money

1. Store your quad somewhere safe.  Just like any other road-worthy vehicle, securely storing your quad overnight, or when not in use, i.e., locked in a garage or container, for example, reduces the chances of someone stealing the quad and in return reduces the cost of your insurance premium as a result.

2. Opt for good security.  If you don’t have a garage or container to store your bike in, you could look to install things like alarms, chains for when the quad is parked up, anchors, etc.  Again, helping to lower your insurance costs because you are taking the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of the bike being stolen.

3. Look online.  Today, everything can be done online, and finding the best rates for your insurance cover is one of them.  It’s also quick and easy, and because you’re the one filling in the details and the forms, there’s less chance of you being charged an admin fee too.

4. Check your licence.  Having a clean licence with no points or motoring convictions helps to calculate a lower insurance premium, as you, the driver, are deemed as low risk.

5. No claims bonuses do help to lower premiums as these show drivers to be safe, cautious, and competent, making you less of a liability to the insurance company.

6. Young Riders.  Age is something we can’t hide from and unfortunately for young quad driver’s insurance premiums will be sky-high, as the calculations are based on experience. It’s better to prepare yourself for the worst and then maybe be happily surprised with the outcome!

7. Type of insurance.  Depending on the type of insurance cover you choose (third party only, comprehensive and third party, fire and theft), will depend on the price you are provided with.  However, third party insurance is the minimum requirement for quads on UK roads.

8. Keep modifications to a minimum.  Quads can be customised to suit individual needs and circumstances, however, the more you modify, the higher your insurance can go, as sometimes these modifications can affect performance and handling, so pose a higher threat when on the road.

9. Low miles.  Keeping your miles low, means you’re on the road less, so less vulnerable to accidents, hence more insurable at a lower price!

10. Increase your excess.  Choosing to pay a higher excess means keeping your insurance premiums low.  This is because if you are involved in an accident and need to make a claim, you, as the driver, will be responsible for the first set amount to be paid.  Only after you have paid your excess will the insurance company pay the remainder.

With the number of quad bikes for sale UK increasing year on year due to their popularity and range of benefits, it’s worthwhile knowing all the facts before jumping straight in.

At Beckside Machinery, we have a range of new and used quads for sale.  You can check them out online or call us on 01673 828 965 to find out more.

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