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Rotor grass topper for sale device for mowing and grinding of grass vegetation

There are many compact tractor attachments for harvesting potato tops (grass topper machine, tractor attachments with a chain rotor, tractor attachments of action).

For removal and collection of tops, grass topper for sale and machines are currently used. The grass topper for sale mower grinder is used for mowing and crushing stalks of corn, sunflower and potato tops. The chopping drum is a tubular bar on which hammer knives are pivotally attached along a helical line. The groundmass starts the hopper or is loaded into the channel body, and can also be distributed over the field. Limitations of the some machines: the low quality of grinding the mass and the increase in the load on the crusher, as a result of which hammers often break and the dynamic balance of the crusher, is disrupted.

The top-harvesting machine is designed for harvesting green potato tops, lupins, vetch oats, clovers and other forage products for silage or for straightforward feeding to animals. The machine sweeps three rows simultaneously with 60-70 cm aisles. If there is a screw and a thrower in the machine, some of the contents from the crushing working body is removed. Still, the design becomes more complex, the mass progress and productivity decrease because to the need to clean thrower and the screw, particularly when harvesting frosted or half-dead tops. Another problem of the machine is that the tops located in the paths do not capture rotor knives.

Well-known grass topper machines, including rotating working bodies with a vertical axis of revolution, the working surface of which has a spiral shape, a casing for command and a tractor attachments for discharging the tops.

A disadvantage of the some topping machines is that during operation, there is a blanket of tops in front of the machine, resulting in decreased machine performance. The tops, which reside behind the top picking machine, conflicts with the flow of the potato collection process. A series of existing foreign grass toppers manufactured are intended to eliminate the tops of potatoes, carrots, chicory. The moving bodies of the shock are displayed in the form of knives that are installed on a horizontal shaft. The limitations of toppers are insensitivity to stones, as all are mobile in the longitudinal and lateral directions, costly maintenance and high price.

There are several lawn flail mowers for compact tractors, electric, automatic gasoline, self-propelled, each of them are intended for mowing and mowing grass. Manual power-driven braid model rotary action (trimmer), the moving body of which is a cutting head installed on a shaft, consisting of a bobbin container of the bobbin itself plus a nylon line. The rotation speed minus the load is 2900-3200 rpm, and the highest rotation speed is 8500 rpm, which provides not only mowing grass, but transforming it into mulch (that is, crushing it massively), which contributes to the improvement of the soil.

The problems with some lawn flail mowers for compact tractors are that they are designed only for mowing grass and mowing on horizontal sloping and irregular surfaces of small areas, these compact tractor attachments have a little mowing width and the necessity to move them from top to base when mowing tall plants.

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