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“The future of farming lies in digitalization," said TYM Tractors CEO

  • At the Asian leadership conference, TYM Tractors presented its vision and plans for the future of agriculture during the 'Future of Agriculture: Agricultural Data Revolution' session.

  • Focused on the digital transformation of agriculture as climate change reduces arable land and the world's population grows

  • Research and development of smart compact tractors is not the only thing TYM is doing; it's also establishing organic connections with manufacturers of parts.

In Seoul on July 14th, Dohoon Kim, president of South Korea's leading agricultural machinery company TYM (Chairman: Hiyong Kim, CEO: Dohoon Kim / formerly Tongyang Moolsan / 002900), was a guest speaker at the Chosun Ilbo Asian Leadership Conference (ALC). Agriculture in the New Normal era was the topic of Kim's speech.

In the ‘Future of Agriculture: Agricultural Data Revolution’ session, TYM's CEO Dohoon Kim asserted that digital agriculture is the key to a great transformation in agriculture and shared TYM's plans. The ultimate goal of TYM is to help farmers achieve substantial income growth by focusing on digitizing agricultural machinery, such as tractors for sale.

It is expected that younger generations who are more adept at using digital technology will actively participate in agriculture if digital agriculture is revitalized as a business for working from home. Digital transformation also involves agricultural machinery, such as compact tractors for sale. It is TYM's vision to share data with parts manufacturers as well as collect data organically."

By researching and developing telematics and autonomous driving technologies, TYM has established TYMICT, an ICT focused subsidiary, in 2020 to discover and gather meaningful digital information generated in agricultural sites. Agricultural machinery's digital transformation was accelerated through the DX division, which was established in April. The digitalization of TYM's offerings will take place quickly following the official integration on July 1st, as product lineups and production systems are consolidated and reconfigured to increase consumer choices.

One of Asia's most prominent international conferences, ALC brings together leaders, businessmen, experts, and scholars from around the globe to discuss the major issues facing the world and to seek solutions to them. From July 13th to 14th, the topic was 'The New Normal Era: Finding the Key to Great Transformation'. The event included key domestic and international figures, including President Sukyeol Yoon and former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who shared their views on how to welcome the new normal.

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