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This Week's Used Compact Tractors 8/12/23

Date: December 8, 2023

Welcome to our latest selection of used compact tractors at Beckside Machinery, your go-to source for reliable and efficient agricultural machinery. This week, we are featuring three models that stand out for their performance, condition, and value.

1. Kubota L5030 Used Compact Tractor

The Kubota L5030 is a robust tractor known for its durability and efficient performance. This model comes with a shuttle transmission for smooth gear shifting and a climate-controlled cab for comfort in all weather conditions. Its large turf tyres are designed to offer excellent traction while minimizing soil compaction. With 5271 hours of operation, this tractor is a testament to its reliability and is priced at £12,995 plus VAT.

2. Kubota B1750 Used Compact Tractor

The Kubota B1750, priced at £3,995, is a used compact tractor featuring a 21HP engine, HST Transmission for smooth gear shifts, and turf tyres to minimize soil compaction. It has 1870 hours of service, proving its reliability. Equipped with 1 x D/A Spool Valves and power steering, it ensures easy maneuvering. It has been serviced and maintained by skilled mechanics, ensuring high quality and performance.

3. Ford 1220 Used Compact Tractor

The Ford 1220 is an ideal choice for a variety of tasks, featuring a 17HP engine and HST Transmission for efficient power transfer and easy handling. It has large turf tyres for better traction and a D/A spool valve for additional hydraulic functionality. This model, serviced and maintained by skilled mechanics, is priced at £4,495 plus VAT.

Beckside Machinery Contact Details

For more information or to arrange a viewing of these used tractors for sale, please contact Beckside Machinery:

Phone: 01673 828 965

For a wider selection of compact tractors for sale UK, visit Beckside Machinery's website.

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