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"Top Picks for Flail Mowers for Sale: The FarmMaster Pro Range Unveiled"

When considering the top flail mowers for compact tractors, the focus often turns to the FarmMaster Pro range available at Beckside Machinery. This range is known for its robust build, efficient performance, and compatibility with a variety of compact tractors. Here are some of the standout models:

compact tractor flail mower

  • Price: £1,695.00 (Sale Price), Regular Price: £2,095.00.

  • Features & Benefits:

  • 3-point hitch, Cat. 1.

  • Aluminum gearbox with 540 RPM with freewheel.

  • Dual belt transmission with tension adjuster.

  • Rotor with "Y" blades.

  • Adjustable rear roller with three positions.

  • Universal PTO shaft Cat. 2.

  • Specifications:

  • HP: 20-30.

  • Working width: 132 cm.

  • Overall width: 155 cm.

  • Cutting height: 3-10 cm.

  • Y Blades: 40.

  • Weight: 196 kg​​.

  • Price: £2,995.00.

  • Standard Features:

  • 3-point hitch Category 1 with hydraulic side shift.

  • Cast iron gearbox 540 RPM with free wheel device.

  • 2 belt drive transmission with screw adjustable tensioner (standard), 3 belt drive transmission (optional).

  • Rotor with blades.

  • Adjustable rear roller.

  • Universal PTO shaft Category 4.

  • Side shift: 106 = 200 mm; 132 – 158 = 280 mm.

  • Details:

  • HP: 20-50.

  • Cutting width: 183 cm.

  • Overall width: 208 cm.

  • Cutting height: 3-10 cm.

  • Y Blades: 56.

  • Weight: 318 kg​​.

Each of these flail mowers for sale boasts a range of features, including robust cutting blades, durable construction, and compatibility with a variety of compact tractor models. When selecting a flail mower, it's essential to consider the size of the area to be maintained, the type of vegetation, and the power of your tractor.

For specific pricing and additional details on these models, it's recommended to visit the Beckside Machinery website, where you can find a comprehensive list of compact tractor flail mowers along with their specifications and suitability for different landscaping needs.

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