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UTV cab types and accessories

Updated: May 8, 2020

UTV’s are great when it comes to providing an extra pair of hands.

However, with a range of different UTV’s available, all offering various features and benefits, how do you pick the right UTV for you?! UTV’s also come with a range of accessories, allowing you to modify and adapt your UTV as you see fit.

UTV cab types and accessories

Hard cabs vs. soft cabs

There are two different types of UTV cabs, hard and soft. The differences and what both of these offers include: UTV hard cab enclosures offer durability and full protection against those harsh winter elements, with most UTV hard cabs coming with a front and rear windshield, doors, side panels, and a roof. These vehicles are designed to last. Robust and strong, hard cabs are ready to tackle it all. UTV soft cab enclosures can provide a similar level of protection against external weather elements, and they are also cheaper than that of the hard cabs! Soft cabs also offer a lot more in terms of flexibility, design, and functionality – you also have a greater choice in soft cabs too! For example, front and rear windshields can be customised using different materials, and you can also opt for zipped or Velcro side windows for easy removal and ventilation.

Types of UTV cabs

A UTV cab enclosure offers you much more protection than a standard UTV, and the good news is there is a wide range of cabs to choose from. For example: Full hard cab enclosures – this type of side by side, Polaris Ranger Cab offers the maximum level of protection. Typically manufactured from fibreglass or plastic, these cabs help protect you the most from the external elements, so you can get on with the job, no matter what the weather! Hard cab enclosures can also be removed; however, this isn’t always recommended as they are heavy and expensive to replace if an accident were to happen. Mounting on hard cabs can be achieved using bolt-ons. Ultimately this type of cab is a great all-round cab for work in bad weather. Full soft UTV cab – you will find these UTVs much cheaper than the hard cabs, and they offer almost (key word, almost) the same level of protection. Manufactured from heavy-duty nylon, the soft cabs offer the most flexibility as they can be combined with hard or clear vinyl windshields and back windows. Other options in this range include zip-out, doors which can be rolled up for storage or rolled down, helping with ventilation, which can be a big benefit in warmer weather. Mounting can be achieved using Velcro straps, buckles and straps, and self-adhesive tape. Minicabs – these cabs include vinyl windshields, a rear window, and a top cab. The mini cab provides a degree of protection, all at a fraction of the price. Minicabs are great for use in warmer climates where not having a door isn’t a problem. Soft top roof UTVs – not always thought of as a suitable UTV cab, soft tops are still growing in popularity. Working great as a sunshade, soft tops will also keep you relatively dry in a downpour. These UTVs are value-priced, so they are much cheaper than a UTV cab providing maximum protection. There’s also the choice of full or partial UTV cab enclosures, depending on your requirements and working conditions.

UTV Accessories

You will find a range of accessories available for new UTVs; however, a cab heater is probably the most popular and can indeed become your best friend. Helping to keep you warm and snug when temperatures plummet, cab heaters are easy to install and available for the vast majority of UTVs. At Beckside Machinery, we offer a range of UTV accessories and cab systems for a variety of UTV makes and models, both new and used. Let us help you get the job done with a UTV that suits your specifications perfectly. Call 01673 828 965

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