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What is a UTV?

A UTV, or utility terrain vehicle, is built and used mainly for work. Besides being large, powerful, and able to accommodate passengers in pairs, they are built with a lot of storage space. In locations where trucks are impractical or impossible to use, these vehicles are commonly used to transport equipment and supplies. The wheelbase of an UTV is standard, just like a car (four wheels). However, they can have more wheels for specialised purposes. Again, the UTV handles more like a car than a quad bike (ATVs) and is steered via a steering wheel. Normally, between two and four passengers can ride safely in a UTV. Passengers sit side by side, which has earned the vehicle the nickname “side-by-side”. You may also see the UTV referred to as a SxS, again referencing the seating arrangement. UTVs are faster and more powerful than ATVs, but not as nimble. Their max speed is generally between 25 mph and 60 mph. Both braking and acceleration on a UTV are controlled by foot pedals. With occupant restraints (seatbelts) considered standard, and the option to add a windshield and roll bars, UTVs tend to have more safety features than ATVs do. It’s not unusual for UTVs to have a cabin. Oftentimes it’s similar to the roof on a golf cart, but fully enclosed cabins are available. The customisability and versatility that make a UTV appealing comes at a price. UTVs tend to be more expensive than quad bikes for sale, UK, especially after they’ve been modified.

Picking a Utility Vehicle

Choosing a UTV for sale is the next step. We suggest that you take a look at the offerings from reputable companies such as Kioti and Polaris if you are looking for a UTV for sale, UK.

Kioti k9

The new Kioti K9 2400 model is the right work horse for any kind of work you are going to do with it. Whether you are looking for a simple ROPS, canopy and screen (with or without half doors), or a complex cabin with heater, we will be able to provide you with a solution that fits your needs. With a seating capacity of three, the Mechron 2400 makes for an excellent vehicle for moving your staff and tools around. In addition, the Mechron 2400 has an extremely high ground clearance and is homologated for the road. For this reason, the Mechron 2400 can be used on any terrain and for any kind of job. As an option, a full cabin with an excellent visibility and a well-finished interior can be obtained. As far as the new CVT transmission is concerned, it is smooth on the uptake as well as the slowdown. Another characteristic of the new model is its low noise and minimal vibration levels. The rear bed of the unit will be protected by a urethane coating that will ensure that the unit looks good for many years to come.

Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger UTVs are commonly used on small and large farms, whether they are family or commercial. You can transport your crew, tools, chemicals, supplies, etc. with them from and to your work site. All while decreasing your working time, increasing productivity, and relieving your body and mind of stress, these hardy vehicles can withstand the elements. So what can you do with them? While UTVs are a big hit in the agricultural industry, there are many other industries that can benefit from them in a similar way. Some of these uses may be familiar to you, or you may have seen them in action, but ATVs, such as the Polaris Sportsman and UTVs can be a big help to most everyone, in almost any situation.


UTVs have a lot of storage space. Most known for hauling feed, hay, and supplies on farms, they are becoming more popular within non-agricultural communities. They’re not uncommon at schools, where they’re used to transport water jugs, sports equipment and occasionally, athletes. The many available modifications for UTVs are making the vehicle a popular choice for transporting equipment in many industries.

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