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Who Makes Branson Tractors?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Branson tractors are made by Kukje Machinery, a South Korean Company, along with combine harvesters and other machinery under the Kukje brand. Kukje is a subsidiary of Dongkuk Steel, which is one of the largest and most reputable steel companies located in South Korea!

In 1968, Kukje was founded as Korea Agricultural Machinery Co.. It changed the name in 1978 to Kukje Machinery Co. In 1980, they signed a technological agreement with Yanmar, who make Yanmar compact tractors and engines. Additionally, Kukje has made and distributed some John Deere compact tractors since 1987.

Back in 1995, Kukje built a diesel engine manufacturing plant, and in 2002 made an agreement with Cummins to make and supply engines for them. So people say that the rumours are true, Branson tractors have an A series Cummins Diesel as their power plant!!

Of course, Cummins diesel engines are renowned around the world as a superior truck engine, not only due to the fact that a Cummins engine will have the horsepower and torque a work truck requires to tow heavy loads, but the engines are also renowned for unmatched durability. When looked after, and not abused, a truck with a Cummins engine can expect a crazily long life-span. Check this out:

Cummins Announces Partnership With Kukje Machinery Co.

In 2002 Cummins Inc. announced the formation of a partnership with Kukje Machinery Co., South Korea's largest manufacturer of compact tractors for sale.

Both companies collaborated to design, make and market Cummins A Series engines for industrial markets. These A Series engines are available from 18 to 60 horsepower (hp), with a displacement from 0.9 litre up to 2.3 litres.

"We are happy to announce the strategic partnership with Kukje, a company greatly respected for both its high-quality of standards and its cost-effective manufacturing processes," said Mark Yragui, vice president - Cummins industrial business division. "The partnership between Cummins and Kukje delivers to our customers a higher dimension of engines for industrial requirements- customised with options - and backed by Cummins global service support network."

Hyun-Woo Shin, the president of Kukje added: "Kukje is very enthusiastic about this deal with Cummins. Cummins expertise will help us to incorporate the right product specifications to our proven Tier 2-capable Indirect Injection (IDI) designed engines."

This partnership with these two companies is strategically complementary. Kukje can strongly leverage their engine investments while Cummins can assist a key customer requirement for smaller-displacement engines. Kukje also remarked that Cummins brings a wealth of diesel technology and manufacturing expertise to support Kukje's long-term strategies for growth of its compact tractors for sale Worldwide, and that includes Branson Tractors for sale.

Beckside Machinery are tractor dealers for Branson Tractors UK. Did you know that the 1905 Branson small tractor is so reasonably priced that it's not more expensive than a decent secondhand tractor for sale? Compare them on our website and we're sure you'll be impressed. We can also offer bespoke Branson tractor packages, so if you want a loader tractor, we can supply the compact tractor already fitted with a tractor loader, flail mower, power harrow, or any other tractor implements you may need. For advice, please call us on 01673 828 965.

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