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Who makes John Deere Tractors?

From 1918, John Deere progressed into producing machines for farmers, smallholders, and people in other industries. Today, John Deere operate in 35 countries and have over 100 different factories manufacturing their diverse range of machinery.

Today, John Deere markets a wide range of tractors, with larger models ranging up to 560 horsepower, used on large farms. At the other end of the scale are John Deere compact tractors, which are suitable for small farms, including smallholdings.

Where are John Deere tractors built?

The headquarters for John Deere is in the United States, in Moline, Illinois. They company also has factories in Georgia, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

For the most part, John Deere’s tractor manufacture is distributed across two locations – one in the US and the other in Germany.

Tractors in the 7R, 8R and articulated 9R group are made in Deere’s Waterloo, Iowa, plant.

Most use diesel engines from Deere’s engine production facility closeby, but the top-horsepower 9R and its similar models are driven by a 14.9-litre motor from the Cummins factory, Jamestown, in Lakewood, New York.

In Europe, JD’s Mannheim plant in south-west Germany assembles the whole 5R-, 6M- and 6R-series tractors up to the largest 6250R model, with cabs sent in from Bruchsal, 30 miles to the south of Mannheim, and engines from Saran, close to Orleans in France.

Historically, the bigger 6-series tractors (170hp-250hp) were also produced in Waterloo for the US market, but this agreement is coming to an close, which means Mannheim will make all 6R models for worldwide distribution.

At the lower end of the horsepower spectrum, the 5M tractors are produced in a John Deere factory in Augusta, Georgia, whereas the 5E issues from Deere’s Hadapsar factory, which lies near Pune, south-east of Mumbai, India.

The 5G orchard and vineyard series tractors are made by Carraro Group’s Agritalia plant in Rovigo, Italy.

Who makes John Deere tractor engines?

Although John Deere is a principal diesel engine manufacturer and manufactures its own engines for large, commercial-scale agricultural tractors, many small-scale tractors and ride-on mowers also use engines from different manufacturers, in particular those produced overseas.

Yanmar, Kohler, Kawasaki and Briggs & Straton are some of the John Deere companies used to produce engines for them. Their sub-compact tractors and compact tractors typically have diesel engines made by Yanmar tractors. Yanmar have been making John Deere engines for around 30-years. In fact, not simply the engines, but the whole John Deere tractors have been made by Yanmar for years.

So, while their own engines power most John Deere tractors, they have extensively out-sourced in the past and many of the used tractors for sale that you will find by John Deere have Yanmar diesel engines under the hood.

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