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Who makes the Kioti Tractor?

Located in South Korea Daedong has been a leading manufacturer of agricultural-related machines since 1947. Kioti is the trademark which is used for these tractors in the European, American and Australian markets.

World-Class Daedong Diesel Engines. 

KIOTI compact tractors are proudly outfitted with high-performance, fuel-efficient Daedong® diesel engines. For more than 65 years of continual discovery, the Daedong engine line has been improved, enhanced and developed upon, and is now acknowledged as one of the most distinct in the world. Now, Daedong Industrial Co. proudly manufactures high-quality diesel engines varying from 20-60 horsepower, all of which are manufactured in order with EPA, EC, CARB, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. 

Tier 4 Daedong® Diesel Technology 

To guarantee total customer satisfaction, Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the continual improvement of goods through technical discovery. Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. has been striving diligently toward Tier 4 emissions control standards. With comprehensive and rigorous development, the most modern Tier 4 family of Daedong® engines produce the same robust and fuel-efficient performance our clients have grown to anticipate. This new breed of engines combines the latest Tier 4 technologies with the esteemed Daedong® engine execution.

  • Daedong® Engines undergo meticulous and thorough testing, monitoring, and data examination. Meet or better regulation measures for emission performance Give high power against mass and superior sturdiness Low speed, high torque engines superb for industrial use High ratio of standard parts used for maintenance.

  • One-Side Service for oil fill, oil filter and oil gauge and for easy keeping are met by KIOTI’s Industry Leading Warranty

Daedong Industrial Company

in the lead of Korean agricultural machinery construction ever since its establishment in 1947, Daedong Industrial Company has assumed the role of lead in the fields of modernization of the agricultural manufacturers and improvement of agricultural machinery by designing the first cultivating machine. Daedong, not content with its status as the national leader in the agricultural machinery manufacturing is aiming to become a global industry in the world market with continuous improvement of technology and overseas marketing. Through its global channels including local businesses in the USA and China with the parts center in Europe, Daedong and its exportation brand KIOTI can be found all over the globe. The extension of its cutting-edge engine production line in 2006 has allowed Daedong to match the various requirements of the machinery industry with the volume of 40,000 units per year of multi-cylinder engines of constant quality through automated creation. Moreover, Daedong R&D Center is continuously developing its field of research into the development of environment-friendly diesel engines and innovative products. In line with the addition of these merchandises and the quality control system, Daedong has been bestowed the EPA, EEC, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. It is Daedong's commitment to their clients to provide the best products and service with global competitiveness. Daedong has given the past 67 years to becoming a clean industry, improving the future agricultural environment, with its staff always doing their best, and distributing their effort, enjoyment and prosperity with the farmers… The entire Daedong team endeavours to accomplish these goals today.

Kioti Tractors UK

To assist with the delivery of the Kioti tractor and spare parts everywhere in Europe in 2012 Kioti EU was founded and moved into bases in Rotterdam. Kioti tractors UK branch was established in February 2016. The sole purpose of the business is to sell, develop and support the Kioti compact tractors and utility side by side vehicles. All sales are made using the Kioti tractors Uk Dealer network. Beckside Machinery is a leading Kioti dealer.

To see the latest Kioti tractor deals please visit Beckside Machinery.

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