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Wood chipper for sale

After a PTO wood chipper, look no further than the FarmMaster WCP-100 compact tractor mounted wood chipper. These compact tractor attachments are used for cutting wood into smaller woodchips. The tree limbs or portions of the tree trunk are generally used as the raw material that is fed to the wood chipper attachment.

This FARMMASTER heavy duty wood chipper for sale readily accepts whole trees, fed into the tractor attachment in pieces of up to 5" in diameter. Simple to transport, the FARMMASTER WCP-100 attaches to the three-point hitch system on any compact tractor or small tractor. For easy storage, transportation and operation.

This wood chipper for sale incorporates a hinged feed chute, which is removable, making it more compact when not in use. The cute is fully moveable, which means that you control the exit path of the wood chips as they exit the machine. Therefore, this excellent tree chipper's operation is cleaner, easier and more straightforward, which means that you'll have less mess to deal with after you have processed a tree, trees, or branches.

The PTO wood chipper incorporates an oversized rotor, blades that are reversible and has integrated air vents for efficient tree and wood processing. The rotor is 25" in diameter, it weighs 75 lbs, and is 1/2 an inch thick. These blades work diligently to remove wood that could block or clog the tree branch chipper.

The FARMMASTER wood chipper for sale is recommended for use with compact tractors up to 40 horsepower. It works with most models, such as the Kubota tractor, Kioti tractor, John Deere compact tractor, Branson Tractors, etc.

Whether you need to chip whole trees, brush, or foliage, you can use the FARMMASTER wood chipper to break wood down into kindling or even create wood chips for landscape gardening, and so on. The FARMMASTER wood chipper for sale, UK delivery, helps you chip wood with ease. It's a delight to work with such a great tractor attachment.

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