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Wood chipping apparatus and process

The invention relates to a system and an apparatus for chipping wood in an erect position on its stump. The device includes a chipping vehicle with a wood-cutting and chipping cutting and chipping unit installed on the end of the adjustable boom, from which the finished chips are assigned to the chipping tank of the vehicle.

Today, when collecting small-diameter timber from the forest, the so-called some trees have to be reduced when they are about 20-30 years old, in order to make room for the canopy of the remaining trees and to avoid the fall of the forest. The felling is principally carried out as forestry work in such a means that the lumberjack fells the trees to be reduced, prunes and cuts them, usually into logs about 3 m long, which are gathered in piles along the tracks and sent to the timber storage site, e.g. by a forestry compact tractor.

Some of the piled goods thus produced are chipped into chips each by means of a mobile wood chipper at storehouse location, or the stacked assets are transported as such to a wood processing factory, where the chipping takes place central in a larger chipping unit. The so-called host line wood chippers are small devices, normally connected to the Kioti tractors and powered by the tractor's PTO shaft, which allow forest proprietors who are felling to chop the timber they have thinned themselves.

These are not proper for thinning because their felling process is space-consuming or they must be able to drive close to the tree. These are fitting for chipping either a single open tree or all approaching trees, but in this case, there must be excellent terrain.

The chipping vehicle and the chipping process according to the compact tractor attachments provide a decisive increase in the drawbacks mentioned above. To accomplish this, the chipping vehicle and purpose, the most important benefit of the method and device according to the compact tractor attachments can be contemplated that the treatment of the wood to be chipped is carried out in one work step, how the delivery time of the wood chips from the forest to the mill can be decreased to a minimum. In addition, with the system according to the compact tractor attachments, the wood to be processed can be chipped in a vertical position, whereby the destruction to the surrounding trees is caused as little as possible. The boom, and the chipping device at its end, can be comparatively light in construction because the boom never holds the wood. Thus, the boom can be exceptionally reachable, so that the vehicle rarely needs to be moved.

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