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Yanmar LX410 Used Compact Tractors

You work hard, trying days and you demand the same from your equipment. With the Lx Series, Yanmar's top-of-the-line compact tractors, you will never endanger performance, comfort or stability. And options overflow. The Lx410 offers a fabulous 41-hp engine and the 12-speed HydraReverser™ provides you smooth shifting and effortless transition of direction. This model features the CL600 compact tractor loader.

You'd be hard-pressed to obtain this much power and this many premium traits in a luxury car. But that hasn't stopped us from progressing the Lx Series as the most potent, convenient and versatile machines on the market. Test drive one now. You'll see that Yanmar makes incredible tractors while other people make compromises.


Best-in-class compact tractors need best-in-class engines. That's why the Lx Series is outfitted with powerful, quiet Yanmar diesel powerhouses. They're specially designed to give you less emissions and higher reserve energy, which means you get more available horsepower. Plus, the direct-injection purpose makes these engines highly effective — so you get more out of each fill-up.


With the Lx Series, you get more extra than a smooth-shifting, completely synchronized transmission with clutchless ahead and reverse. You get a HydraReverser transmission which is the backbone of Performance Link Technology™. Each part is precisely suited to work in perfect harmony — producing smoother control, more available horsepower and less wear and tear.


The robust lift capacity on the Lx Series makes it easy to undertake even the most massive workloads. Its curved boom loader raises over 2,400 pounds with ease, while the deluxe 3-point lift operation handles more than 2,700 lbs. Plus, the telescoping lift arms provide for the easy installation of rear attachments, delivering the Lx Series as versatile and powerful.

The LX410 Yanmah compact tractor for sale is a past product line, and is an excellent compact tractor for sale if you find one available. Check out the used compact tractors for sale at Beckside Machinery, the UK's premier used compact tractors, compact tractors attachments, and new small tractors retailer.

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