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Power Sweeper


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Power Sweeper: Enhancing Cleanliness and Efficiency


In today's fast-paced world, maintaining cleanliness and efficiency in outdoor and industrial spaces has become paramount. A power sweeper is an invaluable tool for achieving this, offering a powerful solution for removing debris, dirt, and snow from various surfaces. Designed to attach to compact tractors, these machines provide a versatile and efficient way to keep roads, pavements, and industrial areas clean.

What is a Power Sweeper?

A power sweeper is a mechanized cleaning equipment designed to sweep away debris, leaves, dust, and snow from roads, parking lots, and other hard surfaces. It consists of a rotating brush or brushes powered by an engine, which can be attached to a vehicle like a compact tractor or operated as a standalone unit.

What Does a Power Sweeper Do?

The primary function of a power sweeper is to clean surfaces efficiently. It does so by using its rotating brushes to sweep up debris and collect it into a container or hopper for disposal. This process not only improves the appearance of the area but also enhances safety by removing potentially hazardous materials.

Advantages of Using a Power Sweeper

  • Efficiency: Power sweepers cover large areas quickly, saving time and labor costs.

  • Versatility: They can be used on various surfaces and for different types of debris, including leaves, dirt, and snow.

  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces the need for chemical cleaners, contributing to a healthier environment.

Choosing the Right Power Sweeper

When selecting a power sweeper, consider the size of the area to be cleaned, the type of debris, and the power source. For compact tractors, the SWP115 model is an excellent choice, offering a combination of efficiency, durability, and ease of use.

Enhanced Features of the SWP115

The SWP115 stands out for its design tailored to compact tractors, offering a seamless combination of functionality and convenience. Its notable features include:

  • Optimal Dimensions and Efficiency: With its compact size (1.33 x 1.43 x 1m) and significant working width of 1150mm, the SWP115 ensures comprehensive coverage and an efficiency of 6600 m²/h, making it ideal for efficiently tackling large areas.

  • Compatibility and Ease of Use: Designed for tractors with a power of up to 45HP and weighing 200kg, it features a 3-point hitch type 1 linkage and PTO transmission with a quick coupler, facilitating easy attachment and operation.

  • Adjustable and Durable Design: The inclusion of a rear wheel support bar allows for easy adjustment of the brush height, enabling users to customize the sweeping height according to the task at hand. Additionally, the high-quality nylon brush and steel 45 rotor ensure durability and longevity.

  • User-Friendly Enhancements: An optional rod for easy removal of trash from the dust collection box, an inspection window for oil level checks, and parking stands for convenient storage exemplify the thoughtful design aimed at enhancing user experience.

Applications and Suitability

The SWP115 is not just about cleaning; it's about providing a versatile solution for various environments. It excels in sweeping leaves, sawdust, dirt, dust, and even light snow, making it a year-round companion for maintaining cleanliness. Suitable for use on industrial premises, pavements, and road surfaces, it demonstrates unparalleled versatility.

Why Choose the SWP115?

When considering a power sweeper for a compact tractor, the SWP115 emerges as a superior choice due to its blend of efficiency, durability, and user-centric features. It addresses the key needs of users looking for a reliable, easy-to-maintain, and versatile sweeping solution. Its adaptability to different surfaces and conditions, coupled with the support offered by Beckside Machinery, ensures that users have access to a top-tier product backed by exceptional service.


Maintaining clean and safe environments is crucial across various settings, and power sweepers stand out as essential tools in achieving this goal. The efficiency, versatility, and environmental benefits they offer make them indispensable for industrial, commercial, or residential use. Among these, the SWP115 model exemplifies the ideal combination of performance, durability, and ease of use, tailored specifically for compact tractors. Its thoughtful design, from adjustable sweeping heights to an inspection window for oil checks, underscores its user-centric approach. Suited for a wide range of applications, from industrial sites to pavements and roads, the SWP115 not only meets but exceeds the cleaning needs of today’s spaces. Choosing the right power sweeper, like the SWP115, ensures a clean, safe, and welcoming environment, highlighting the importance of such equipment in maintaining public and private spaces.

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