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Tractor Hole Borer


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Welcome to FarmMaster, where quality meets superior performance. Our precision-engineered FarmMaster tractor post hole borer is your go-to solution for installing fences, signs, and more on your property.


What is a Tractor Post Hole Borer?


A compact tractor post hole borer, also known as a post hole digger, is a powerful tool that attaches to your tractor's power take-off (PTO) shaft. It's designed to dig precise holes in the ground, ideal for fence posts, signage, or planting trees. This indispensable tool consists of a gearbox, a spiral drilling implement called an auger, and a sturdy frame that connects to the tractor.


Our Product


Our robust, high-performing FarmMaster post hole borer for compact tractor borers come in 4", 6", and 9" auger sizes, catering to your specific needs. Each model is designed to mount on a compact tractor, offering incredible efficiency and user-friendliness. The borers feature a heavy-duty gearbox and running gear, complemented by solid plate spiral augers, and a high-strength reinforced arm ensures long-lasting durability.




Designed to be compatible with compact tractors ranging from 15-30 HP, our post hole borers fit perfectly with your three-point-hitch if your compact tractor has a PTO. Our units include a frame, a gearbox, PTO shaft, and a large screw, ensuring maximum compatibility and minimal chances of failure.


Customer Reviews


Sarah Williams, a smallholder from North Yorkshire, UK, praises the 4" model: "It's robust, easy to operate, and gets the job done efficiently." Richard Evans from Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK, commends the 9" version for its high-quality build and ease of fit onto his 30 HP compact tractor.

Richard Evans from Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK shares, "I manage about 25 acres in Carmarthenshire and purchased the FarmMaster tractor post hole borer (9") a few months ago. It's lived up to its promise. The high-quality build and ease of fit onto my 30 HP compact tractor are commendable. It's made my fencing tasks a lot simpler. Thumbs up to FarmMaster!"


Using Your Tractor Post Hole Borer


To use your tractor post hole borer, connect it to your tractor's three-point hitch and secure the PTO shaft. Position the auger over the area where you want to dig, engage the PTO, and lower the auger into the ground using the tractor's hydraulics. When the hole is at the desired depth, raise the auger out, disengage the PTO, and stop the auger from spinning before moving the tractor. Always remember to wear appropriate safety gear when operating machinery.


Contact Us


Have questions or need more information? Please reach out – we're here to assist you. Ready to place an order? We've streamlined the process and offer various delivery options to ensure your product arrives on time.


Experience the blend of efficiency and quality with FarmMaster's tractor post hole borer, designed for longevity. Welcome to a world of quality and superior performance.

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Our products comply with current EU safety guidelines and come with full CE certification for peace of mind.

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