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Explore our comprehensive collection of Farm Master Flail Mowers, offering a quality solution for every agricultural need

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Discover the unparalleled efficiency and performance of FarmMaster Pro Premium Italian Flail Mowers

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Discover the excellence of Wessex Proline – your official dealer for top-tier ground care equipment



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Our products comply with current EU safety guidelines and come with full CE certification for peace of mind.

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  • Monday to Friday : 8.30 - 5 PM

  • Saturday: 9.30 - 12 noon

  • Sunday: Closed.

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All of our machinery includes a parts warranty; for details, please view the individual product pages.

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We offer a competitive and speedy delivery service right to your doorstep.

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Whether you want advice on purchasing or require technical help from our experienced mechanics, we are here to help.

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We offer spare parts, service and repair for everything on this webpage. Call us on 01673 828 965 for details.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Flail Mowers for Sale at Beckside Machinery!

At Beckside Machinery, we know that keeping your land well-maintained is important. That’s why we offer a wide range of flail mowers. Whether you have heavy-duty tasks or need a mower for your compact tractor, we have the right flail mower for you.

Heavy Duty Flail Mowers: Tough and Reliable

Our heavy-duty flail mowers are built to handle the toughest jobs. They can cut through thick vegetation, brush, and even small trees. Made with durable materials, these mowers last longer and need less maintenance. If you need a mower that can take on big tasks, our heavy-duty models are perfect.

Compact Tractor Flail Mowers: Precise and Versatile

Compact tractors are great for small farms and yards. Our flail mowers for compact tractors are designed to work perfectly with these machines. With different cutting widths, these mowers can handle everything from cutting grass to clearing overgrown areas. They offer a clean, professional finish every time.

Hydraulic Offset Flail Mowers: Easy and Efficient

For those who need more control, our hydraulic offset flail mowers are ideal. These mowers let you adjust the cutting position easily. This makes it simple to mow around obstacles and in hard-to-reach areas. The hydraulic offset feature ensures you can maintain your land with ease and accuracy.

Side Shift Flail Mowers: Flexible Cutting Paths

Our side shift flail mowers offer great flexibility. They can move sideways, providing an optimal cutting path and ensuring thorough coverage of your land. Whether you’re mowing along fence lines or around trees, the side shift function makes mowing efficient and effective.

Key Features of Our Flail Mowers

Our flail mowers are versatile and adaptable. We offer different cutting widths to suit various landscapes. Adjustable cutting heights let you get the perfect finish. Our durable hammer flails ensure clean cutting, reducing downtime and maintenance.

Flail Mower Options: Mounted and Various Models

We have flail mowers for both front and rear mount setups, fitting any tractor configuration. Our range includes heavy-duty mowers and models for compact tractors, meeting all your agricultural and landscaping needs.

Specialized Mowers: ATV and Tow Behind Options

We also offer ATV and tow behind flail mowers. These are perfect for small farms and hard-to-reach areas. They provide an efficient solution for regular maintenance and cutting pastures. These mowers are reliable even in challenging environments.

Discover the FARMMASTER Range

Our FARMMASTER flail mowers are known for their durability and performance on uneven ground. They offer reliable performance and various cutting heights. Whether you’re cutting thick brush or maintaining a neat lawn, the FARMMASTER range has a mower to fit your needs.

Why Choose Beckside Machinery?

When you buy a flail mower from Beckside Machinery, you’re getting top-quality equipment from a trusted source. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Expert Advice: Our experienced team can help you pick the best mower for your needs. We know our mowers and can guide you to the right choice.

  • Safety and Compliance: All our mowers meet the highest EU safety standards and are fully CE certified. You get high performance and safety.

  • Comprehensive Warranty and Support: We offer excellent warranty options and great customer support, giving you peace of mind.

At Beckside Machinery, we are dedicated to providing the best flail mowers. Our wide range, expert advice, and excellent customer service ensure you’ll find the right mower for your needs. Visit us today to see how our flail mowers can help you maintain your land more effectively.

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