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Flail Mower V Flail Topper? | Flail Mower For Sale UK | Flail Mower For Compact Tractors

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Recently, a man called Carl told us that after many years he was looking to replace an old flail topper and had decided to reinvest in something brand new. He’d seen our flail mowers for sale and wanted some information on whether he should invest in a flail mower for compact tractors and what were the benefits over a flail topper. We told him that over the years, we’ve had a lot of customers decide to invest in a flail mower. Some said that after years of using a flail topper that the cut was too long. We told them that with a flail mower the grass gets sliced several times and this breaks it down much quicker. Additionally, the flail does very course stands of mature thistle, nettles, and scrub easily. You can see how our new heavy duty FarmMaster flail mower for compact tractors does this easily in the video. It’s also an excellent ATV flail mower. If you want to buy a flail mower then please check out our stock and give us a call if you want any more info, or want to pop in a see them for yourself.

Beckside Machinery are proud to stock the UK’s most comprehensive range of flail mowers for sale, which are subdivided into the following categories:

We have multiple models in each category to suit your specific requirements. All variants can be viewed from our Flail Mower page. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you want any help.

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