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Are log splitters worth the money?

Are log splitters worth the money? Is it worth buying a log splitter? Do I really need one for splitting wood, and what will it cost? Quite often, I receive questions such as these. There is no simple answer to this query, and I can fully understand why it is not an easy question to answer. However, there can be a sense of being in the jungle when you first start using firewood unless you have been around it your whole life.

Suppose you are thinking about purchasing a log splitter for cutting wood. In that case, there are many things to consider, including the cost upfront, the size of the splitter, and whether you should go for a petrol or tractor-mounted log splitter. In addition, the number of logs you will be splitting. All of these questions and concerns are valid and extremely important to me, and I hope I will be able to answer them for you as soon as possible.

Here's Why You Need A Log Splitter

There are important factors to own a log splitter, but I believe there are fewer reasons not to own one. I think the only reason to not own a log splitter is the cost, which I will discuss further below. The sheer amount of time and effort that you will be able to save by owning a wood splitter is one of the most compelling reasons why I believe you should own one. The fact that you will not have to spend so much time splitting logs the old way will allow you to spend more time doing other things, which you would undoubtedly prefer to do instead of this annoying chore. After splitting a few rounds with an axe, you could have been done for the day with a log splitter by the time you had split a few rounds with an axe.

If you are looking for a petrol or tractor log splitter, especially if time is a big factor for you, then I would highly recommend it, as these machines for heavy duty jobs have a cycle time that is extremely fast. As a result, 3 hours of splitting could be reduced to one hour, with cycle times as low as a matter of seconds. In case you like the sound of that, I have compiled a list of what I believe is the best petrol and tractor-mounted splitters available on the market that explain in more detail how they work.

A Wood Splitter's Other Benefits

When you are splitting logs to split firewood with an axe, you may sometimes come across logs with a type of wood that just won't budge when you are trying to split them with an axe or maul. No matter how hard you try or how many attempts you make, you will never be able to succeed. It seems that some logs are just too stubborn for the modest axe to be able to cut them down. Unless, of course, you have a powerful wood splitter that will split right through that stubborn log.

What is the cost of log splitters?

Yes, you should get a log splitter, but I understand it isn't as simple as just going out and buying one. In the long run, it is a legitimate concern that the upfront cost of some of these machines can be daunting and even off-putting for some people. Some log splitters can cost several thousands of pounds, but you can find a decent machine for just a few hundred pounds if you look at the other end of the scale. Ultimately, it comes down to knowing what you need and what you don't need in order to make the right decision.

In addition, most of the splitters on that list are not going to set you back a lot of money either.

Let's compare two petrol and tractor mounted log splitters.

Goliath 25 Ton Petrol Log Splitter

Featuring a uniquely forged splitting wedge, this GOLIATH 25-ton hydraulic log splitter offers the best splitting action of any wood splitter for sale. Featuring a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, all GOLIATH petrol wood splitters are built to deliver power, performance and durability.


  • Max 25-Ton splitting force.

  • Uses 13.5HP B&S engine.

  • Two positions: vertical & horizontal.

  • With 4'' ram, can cut log up to 19 1/3 inches length and up to 19 3/4 inches diameter approximately.

  • With automatic return control system, the cycle time can reach 7-9s

  • With pneumatic tyre, easy-operation and portable.

  • Double levers


  • Engine: B&S 13.5 HP

  • Pump Flow: 16 GPM

  • Force: 25 Ton

  • Split Length: 490 mm

  • Split Diameter 500 mm

  • Oil Cylinder Ram 4"

  • Cycle Time: 7-9s

  • Wheel Type: 16" 8-8 torsion

  • Tow speed 45MPH

  • Net Weight: 250 KGS

  • Gross Weight: 280 KGS

G27H Goliath 27-Ton Tractor Log Splitter

The GOLIATH tractor log splitter is a robustly constructed 27 ton log splitter. Any compact tractor with a Cat 1 hydraulic system can be fitted with this tractor-mounted hydraulic log splitter. From small tractors to high horsepower tractors, this includes them all.

For the best splitting action of a tractor wood splitter for sale, the GOLIATH 27-ton wood splitter includes a specially forged wedge that has been specially hardened.


  • Max 27-ton splitting force without direct motor needed as a power source to connect to a CAT 1 compact tractor

  • Two positions: vertical and horizontal

  • With 4.5" ram, it can cut logs up to 25 1/2 inches with lengths upto 17 3/4 inches in diameter (approximately)

  • With automatic return the cycle time can reach 11-12 seconds.

  • Double levers


  • Engine: Cat. One

  • Pump Flow: Max 65 L/min

  • Force: 27 Ton

  • Split Length: 650 mm

  • Split Diameter 450 mm

  • Oil Cylinder Ram 4.5"

  • Cycle Time: 11-12s

  • Net Weight: 160 KGS

  • Gross Weight: 185 KGS

Visit Beckside Machinery to learn more about GOLIATH log splitters for sale UK.

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