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Best compact tractor sweepers on the market

From lawn sweepers to push behind and some of the largest sweepers currently for sale, lawn sweepers in the UK come in various shapes, sizes, and models.

However, that's not to say all of them are suitable for carrying out the task you're planning on tackling!

Sweeping up leaves and debris is often required regularly, which means to help take the strain and manual labour out of clearing leaves away, purchasing or hiring a lawn sweeper maybe your best option.

Best compact tractor sweepers on the market

Compact tractor sweepers work best on dry surfaces, combing through the grass, collecting rubbish, leaves, and any other pieces of unwanted debris, with their brushing action linked to the rotating shaft.

The debris collected is then passed into the hopper or collection bag, which will require emptying when full.

Lawn sweepers can also help gather all plant matter into a designated place, making it much easier to compost.

Below, the team at Beckside Machinery has outlined our top picks when it comes to lawn sweepers.

Agri-fab 45 0492 44 – one of the most recommended top tow-behind sweepers on the market.  A perfect attachment to lawn tractors, you can set the sweeper at the height that suits you, and you can also set the machine to cut and clean at the same time!  This particular model also boasts a large hopper, is easy to assemble, and helps to remove debris from lawned areas effortlessly.

Ohio steel 42SWP22 sweeper with spiral brushes is ideal for large lawned areas.  A professional-grade sweeper with a heavy-duty hopper large enough that you can cover vast areas in short times.  Heights are adjustable, offloading is easy, and it's easy to store.

John Deere 42-inch tow behind lawn sweeper, with adjustable brush designs – this piece of equipment picks up all types of debris very efficiently, offering maximum lifting and no need to go over the lawn twice.  This model also has a capacious hopper and can be stored upright after the day's work is complete.  This sweeper can handle a wide variety of lawn debris and boasts a high user satisfaction rating.

Brinly STS-427LXH tow behind lawn sweeper – with six individual brushes mounted to the rear to provide high performance, all leaves and debris can be removed with ease with this model.  The adjustable height helps when working over uneven terrain, and there is a huge space at the back to collect more than enough leaves and debris.

Other lawn sweeper options include:

  • Agri Fab tow behind lawn sweeper

  • Sun Joe AJ801E 12amp electric scarifier

  • Ohio steel 50SWP26 pro sweeper

  • Agri Fab 45 0218 push lawn sweeper

  • Ohio steel 42LS sweeper

  • Yardwise 23630 – YW sweep it

Choosing the right sweeper for you

You need to know the features of each sweeper and how these will appeal to you.

With sweepers, you need to consider the sweeper width, as a broader sweeper is much more efficient and a big-time saver, however not always appropriate or indeed warranted.

You also need to think about the hitch and the connection of the sweeper to the tractor.  Ideally, a sweeper with height adjustments will also be required.

Types of sweepers

Power sweepers – i.e., grass sweepers- can be either gas or electric and often feature a shredding device, which reduces debris volume and makes sweeping much easier.  Power sweepers are easy to operate and collect more debris than push sweepers; however, they are heavier, which can make them more cumbersome to manoeuvre. It's also good to be aware that power sweepers can emit dust, vibrations, and noise.

Push sweepers – a lot like rotary mowers, push sweepers are lightweight and much easier to use.  They also produce less noise than power sweepers and less noxious fumes.  These pieces of equipment are a great option for smaller lots with small debris.  However, they do require lubricating regularly, and it's best to avoid wet and heavy materials.  Push sweepers are more suited to residential work and work on both grass and pavements.

Tow-behind sweepers – a great choice for vast areas and where you need a larger capacity to hold leaves and debris.  These sweepers are much more efficient and, of course, much faster at getting the job done too. Tow-behind sweepers also work well on inclines and don't require any physical effort.  The downside…they can be expensive.  Tow behind models provides easy and effortless sweeps, suitable for large gardens that need a little extra maintenance.

Benefits of lawn sweepers


  • Clean up

  • Save you time

  • Handle stress-free

  • No longer let your grass suffer

  • Work better than a leaf blower!

Lawn sweepers can be great garden tools, saving you time and money while maintaining your lawns.

Plus, good lawn sweepers won't damage your grass, but they will keep it clean, safe, and attractive.

The best-known sweepers are those that have strong bristled brushes as they can get in between the grass blades reaching the hard to get to dirt and debris.

Beckside Machinery has a range of lawn sweepers for sale, providing you with a variety of options and solutions to help you with your ground maintenance.

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