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Compact Tractor log splitting apparatus

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in households that heat their homes with wood over the past few years. Several different kinds of log splitters have been developed and manufactured as a result of the increased use of wood as a fuel source.

Often, however, it is the case that many of the commercially available petrol log splitters are complicated, expensive, and sometimes even difficult to use. As an alternative to the log splitters that are commercially available, other types of log splitters do not seem to have any design features that make it realistic that they are capable of performing reliably, efficiently, and effectively. I believe that the fact that the more useful and efficient tractor log splitters can only be used for one purpose--which is the splitting of logs-- is perhaps more important than the fact that they have only limited utility and can only be used for one purpose. It is common for many people to not be able to justify making the investment of buying a practical and effective log splitter because of the cost of it and its limited utility.

A tractor mounted log splitter has been developed in the present invention, which also has the ability to pull or dig up stumps, as well as the possibility of fitting it with detachable tilling implements, such as a sub-soiler, so it can be used as a stump remover. Furthermore, the log splitter in this invention has also been designed in such a way that it can be operated in a dependable and reliable manner and has been constructed in such a way as to meet the needs of simplicity.

In particular, this invention relates to a log-splitting apparatus specifically designed for connecting to a compact tractor or another vehicle. In this regard, it consists of an elongated beam extending from a tractor or vehicle in a cantilever fashion. Wedges are fixed to beams and face pushers that are spaced apart from each other so that a log receiving area can be defined between the wedge and the pusher. To drive said pusher towards said wedge, hydraulic cylinders are connected to said beam and said pusher. As a result, a log is split into two pieces when it is pushed into engagement and through the wedge.

Hence, one of the objects of the present invention is to provide a log splitting apparatus that is more efficient and effective as compared with the prior art.

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