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Discover Wessex WFM Flail Mowers: Models, Specifications, and Prices

When managing extensive green spaces, the choice of equipment can greatly impact both the efficiency and the quality of the work. In this regard, flail mowers represent a superior option, providing a robust solution for a variety of landscaping challenges. Among the top choices are the Wessex WFM series, which are not only reliable but also come with a range of specifications to suit different needs and tractors.

Starting with the WESSEX WFM-125 compact tractor flail mower, priced at £2,250.00 plus VAT and delivery, this model boasts a working width of 1.25 meters and is suitable for tractors with at least 18 horsepower. It features 18 hammers, three belts, manual side shift, and a cutting height range from 30mm to 110mm, making it ideal for smaller properties or those with tighter spaces.

Stepping up in size and power, the WESSEX WFM-145 offers a working width of 1.45 meters and requires a 25 horsepower tractor. This model is available for £3,020.00 and includes hydraulic side shift capabilities for greater convenience and precision, alongside 18 hammers and four belts.

For those needing to cover more ground with more substantial power, the WESSEX WFM-175 is priced at £3,395.00. It works with tractors of at least 40 horsepower and provides a working width of 1.75 meters. This mower includes 22 hammers, four belts, and hydraulic side shift, perfect for larger estates or commercial properties.

The largest in the range, the WESSEX WFM-220, offers a substantial working width of 2.25 meters and requires a tractor of 60 horsepower. This model is specially priced at £3,695.00, down from £3,895.00. It features 28 hammers, four belts, and hydraulic side shift for optimal performance and ease of use.

These Wessex WFM tractor flail mowers for sale are well-equipped to handle various types of vegetation, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain or beautify large areas. They are especially effective for creating mulch from cut materials, which not only cleans up the landscape but also returns nutrients to the soil, promoting healthier growth and natural beauty.

In conclusion, whether you're a smallholder or a professional landscaper, integrating Wessex WFM mowers into your equipment fleet can dramatically improve your land maintenance capability. Their versatility, coupled with the option to adjust cutting height and positions, ensures that you can always maintain optimal control over your landscape, regardless of its challenges.

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