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disk mower installed on compact tractor flail mower

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Grass trimmer is additionally referred to as weeder, grass mower, mower etc.. Grass trimmer be it's a sort of for cutting the grass on a lawn, vegetation etc. machine, but when completing below angiospermous tree or when having the cutting operation of other barriers, grass trimmer is straightforward due to obstacle. Object is hit in order that damage of components, and therefore the transmission of existing grass trimmer is unstable, and structure disperses are complicated, be unfavorable for using.

The purpose of these compact tractor attachments is to supply a sort of disk mowers for being installed on compact tractor flail mower side, with solution Certainly the issues mentioned above within the background art.

In order to unravel the above-mentioned technical problem, the compact tractor attachments provides the subsequent technical solutions: one kind being installed on the mowing of flail knife formula The disk mower on pusher side side, including pin, mounting rack, locating part, pin shaft, pin shaft frame, spring pulling plate, connecting tube, tune Save pull rod, U-shaped board, mechanism gear motor, mechanism gear motor seat, flange, rubber ring, hood backplate, hood, knife The side of piece, cutter shaft, disc seat, disk and reset spring, the mounting rack is mounted by means of bolts on compact tractor flail mower Side, the opposite side of the mounting rack is movably installed with pin shaft frame by pin shaft, solid on the mounting rack of pin shaft frame side. Template is fixedly mounted, and therefore the same side for the U-shaped board that the both ends of the U-shaped board are fixedly mounted, which is bolted, is provided with spring drawing Plate, and installation is connected with reset spring between two spring pulling plates, rock bottom side of the pin shaft frame passes through reset spring and installation Frame connection, the U-shaped board that the adjusting yoke other end is fixedly mounted are fixedly mounted by bolt and mechanism gear motor seat, the highest side of the mechanism gear motor seat is fixedly installed with mechanism gear motor, the mechanism gear horse The output end reached is fixedly connected after mechanism gear motor seat and hood with cutter shaft, the mechanism gear motor seat Bottom the middle of top of hood is fixedly mounted on by flange, the side of the hood is socketed with rubber ring, the cutter shaft Two sides are fixedly installed with blade by bolt level, and therefore the bottom center of the cutter shaft is socketed within the top of disc seat by bearing, rock bottom of the disc seat, which is bolted, is provided with disk.

Additionally, the locating part is mounted by means of bolts on mounting rack. Additionally, the mechanism gear motor is mounted by means of bolts on mechanism gear motor seat. Additionally, the junction of the output end of the mechanism gear motor seat and mechanism gear motor is arranged there's bearing. Additionally, the side of the rubber ring is fixedly installed with hood backplate. Additionally, pin is fitted on the mounting rack, and pin is found at reset spring side.

Compared with prior model, the compact tractor attachments beneficial effect achieved is: this is often installed on compact tractor flail mower for sale side Disk mower, suitable for below angiospermous tree or having the cutting operations of other barriers, encounter barrier by spring from it's dynamic to avoid; Hydraulic pressure transfer power, it's easy to operate;It is straightforward and reliable for structure, it's easy to use.

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