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Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter For Sale - The Ultimate Log Splitting Solution

If you are tired of splitting logs manually with an axe or an outdated log splitter, it is about time to get the GOLIATH petrol log splitter. This robustly constructed 20-ton log splitter for sale is the perfect tool to make your wood chopping experience efficient and stress-free. The GOLIATH 20-ton hydraulic log splitter includes a uniquely forged splitting wedge that has been specially hardened to produce the best splitting action of a wood splitter for sale. With this powerful and durable tool, you can easily and safely split logs to the size you need.

Let's dive into the features that Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter provides. The wood splitting machine is designed to be easy to operate. It comes with a pneumatic air tire for easy movement around your workspace. The splitter can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to work according to the size of the logs. With the two-handle operation control, you can work safely without any risk of your hands or fingers landing in between the blades. It also has a manual tow handle, making it easier to transport if you need to move it from one spot to another.

The GOLIATH petrol wood splitters and tractor mounted wood splitters are built to provide power, performance, and durability. It features the most potent, industry-leading Briggs & Straton engine with 6.5HP, which provides enough power to handle even the toughest logs. The 20-ton splitting force and 3.3" ram can cut logs up to 20 1/2" in length and up to 14" in diameter, which makes it perfect for both personal and commercial use.

The Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter comes with an 11 GPM gallon hydraulic oil reservoir designed to guarantee enough power for the toughest logs. With the automatic return control system, the cycle time is 9-10 seconds, which means you don't have to wait long to load another log. The double levers located on the panel makes it easier to operate. These features make this tool a valuable resource for anyone who needs an efficient and reliable log splitter.

The specifications of this powerful machine are impressive. The Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter comes with a B&S 6.5 HP engine, a pump flow of 9 GPM, and a splitting length of 520 mm. The split diameter is 400 mm, which means you can split logs of different thicknesses. The machine features a 10" wheel type, which means it can easily move on any terrain. With a net weight of 150 KGS and a gross weight of 165 KGS, the Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter is portable and easy to transport.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a wood splitting machine that can help save time and effort, the Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter is the ultimate solution. Whether you need a log splitter for personal or commercial use, this robust yet sensibly priced machine delivers quality performance for its users. Don't waste your time and energy splitting your logs manually when you can invest in a powerful tool that does the job in minutes. To buy, click to add to the cart, or call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965 for further information or to order over the telephone. Purchase the Goliath 20 Ton Log Splitter today and experience the power, performance, and durability that this tool has to offer!

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