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Hedge Cutter For Sale: FarmMaster

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

FARMMASTER have a complete range of hedge cutting and verge cutting compact tractor attachments to suit your requirements and budget. In this blog, we will present some of their excellent tractor hedge cutters for sale


The FARMMASTER Giraffe compact tractor hedge cutter bar fashions the hedge using a reciprocating edge so it does not launch the trimmings, they simply drop to the floor, making it perfect for use in parks, schools and public spaces. Only a small compact tractor is needed which gives access to restricted spaces. It gives a neat, tidy cut and finish, and is therefore an excellent tractor mounted hedge cutter.

Where a smart finish in hedges up to 2cm thick is needed, the versatile FARMMASTER Giraffe compact tractor hedge cutter has no parallel. The hydraulically operated 1.22M blade reciprocates 300 times a minute to give a precise cut and a high work pace. The articulated arm provides a wide range of cutting positions from beneath tractor width to providing a flat top cut on hedges 3.5M high, which is more than the extremely sought after tractor hedge cutter 2.5 m reach. Tractors need a hydraulic output of not less than 34 Litres/min at a pressure of over 189 bar.

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The FarmMaster HHFL-800 is a superb compact tractor hedge cutter for sale. This tractor mounted hedge cutter is easy to operate and adapts to any sort of hedge, bush and tree. The FarmMaster HHFL-800 has a tractor hedge cutter 2.5 m reach which is completely controllable via the remote control which can be quickly mounted in the cabin or near the driver. The study crane arm is completely controllable and the m