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HFL180 FARMMASTER: The Premier Compact Tractor Flail Mower

In the world of agricultural equipment, the flail mower has become an essential tool for those seeking efficient and reliable land management. The HFL180 FARMMASTER 1.8m HEAVY DUTY flail Mower for sale offers a combination of robustness and precision, catering especially to the needs of flail mowers for compact tractors.

Flail mowers are known for their versatility and ability to handle a variety of vegetation, from thick grass to unruly bushes. What sets the HFL180 FARMMASTER apart is its compatibility as a Flail mower for compact tractor use, making it an ideal choice for managing smaller plots of land or for those who require a more manoeuvrable piece of equipment.

Priced at £1,595.00, this flail mower for sale UK boasts of superior construction. The machine has undergone dynamic balance testing, ensuring blade stability at high speeds and reduced noise – a hallmark of quality for those in the market for Flail mowers for sale UK.

The design features of the HFL180 include:

  • Hammers for enhanced cutting efficiency.

  • A durable mower roller with bearings for smooth rotation and reduced wear.

  • Front steel safety flaps to prevent debris discharge, maintaining safety while allowing the entry of material into the cutting chamber.

  • A 100mm offset for greater reach and flexibility.

  • A convenient three-point hitch, category 1, for easy attachment.

  • A standard gearbox operating at 540 rpm with a freewheel feature.

  • An adjustable tensioner for the two-belt transmission.

  • A rotor equipped with hammers for superior cutting.

  • An adjustable rear roller offering three positions for varied cutting heights.

  • A universal PTO shaft Category 2 for seamless power transfer.

  • Two belt drives for transmission.

  • A power requirement of 40 -55 HP, ensuring compatibility with a range of tractor sizes.

In addition to the HFL180, we provide a comprehensive selection of flail mowers for sale to suit various agricultural and land management needs. Whether you are tending to flat land grass or managing bush side trimming, there's a flail mower in our inventory for you.

Moreover, all our flail mowers for compact tractors come with a 1-year warranty and an assurance of availability of spare parts, should you need them. This commitment to after-sales support ensures that your investment is protected and your equipment remains in top condition.

For those interested in the HFL180 FARMMASTER or exploring other flail mowers and compact tractor attachments, we invite you to browse our online store. Alternatively, you can call us on 01673 828 965 for more information.

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