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How a Flail Mower Works: Powered by Compact Tractors

Flail Mower

A flail mower is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment designed to work efficiently in various garden and agricultural tasks. From cutting grass to managing overgrown brush, flail mowers are the ideal choice for landowners and professionals alike. In this article, we will explore how a flail mower works, its unique features, and introduce the Farm Master Pro range available from Beckside Machinery, which are powered by compact tractors.

Understanding Flail Mowers

Unlike traditional mowers that use rotating blades, flail mowers cut using flails attached to a horizontal drum. These flails can come in different shapes, such as Y-shaped or T-shaped blades, depending on the type of flail mower you choose. As the drum rotates at high speeds, the flails spin parallel to the ground, cutting and shredding vegetation in their path.

Flail mowers work particularly well for rough-cut tasks, where the terrain is uneven or covered with overgrown brush. They are also excellent for trimming the sides of roads or pathways. One significant advantage of flail mowers is their ability to minimize flying debris, making them safer than brush hogs and other types of mowers.

The Farm Master Pro Range: Powered by Compact Tractors

The Farm Master Pro range of flail mowers is designed to cater to various needs and preferences. These models are not self-powered but instead rely on the power provided by compact tractors. In addition, the flail mowers in this range are designed to cut grass and manage overgrown vegetation effectively.

Here are the three models available in the Farm Master Pro range:

  1. Farm Master Pro FL110 Flail Mower

    • HP: 12-20

    • Cutting Width: 106cm

    • Overall Width: 120cm

    • Cutting Height: 3-10

    • Y Blades: 32

    • Weight: 146kgs

  1. Farm Master Pro FL135 Flail Mower

    • HP: 12-30

    • Cutting Width: 132cm

    • Overall Width: 155cm

    • Cutting Height: 3-10

    • Y Blades: 40

    • Weight: 170kgs

  1. Farm Master Pro FL160 Flail Mower

    • HP: 20-30

    • Cutting Width: 158cm

    • Overall Width: 180cm

    • Cutting Height: 3-10

    • Y Blades: 48

    • Weight: 195kgs

These models come with standard features such as a CAT. 1, 3-point hitch, 540 RPM aluminum gearbox, freewheel, transmission with two belts and adjustable tensioner, rotor with “Y” blades, and an adjustable rear roller with three positions.

Where to Buy Farm Master Pro Flail Mowers

If you're interested in purchasing a high-quality flail mower from the Farm Master Pro range, Beckside Machinery is your go-to destination. They offer a wide selection of flail mowers for sale, including compact tractor flail mowers and flail mowers for tractors. Visit their website to explore the various options and find the perfect flail mower attachment for your needs.

In conclusion, flail mowers are powerful and versatile machines designed to work efficiently in various garden and agricultural tasks. The Farm Master Pro range offers a selection of top-quality flail mowers powered by compact tractors to suit different requirements, and you can find them at Beckside Machinery. Don't hesitate to invest in a reliable flail mower that will make your land management tasks easier and more efficient.

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