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How to ride a quadbike

Ready to take your quad biking game up a notch? Then you'll need a Polaris Sportsman Quadbike! Before you get out there and start enjoying the ride, make sure that you are decked out in all the right protective gear - from helmets and goggles to gloves, it's essential that you stay safe when on the road.

Once you have all your equipment sorted, check that your bike is up to date with maintenance checks. You’ll also want to get familiar with how it works – learn about your foot pegs, thumb throttles and shift lever so that you know exactly how to operate it.

When riding a Polaris Sportsman quadbike, you will be able to experience the thrill of an off-road adventure. Before starting your journey, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary safety gear suited for the type of environment that you will be in. This includes a helmet and goggles for head protection, as well as gloves.

When ready, hop onto the saddle and place both feet firmly either side of the bike before turning on the engine – don’t forget to release the clutch as well! During sharp turns or more difficult terrain, always focus on keeping your centre of gravity balanced so that you remain upright in your seat. Place both hands firmly but not too tightly on the handlebars during manoeuvres and practice this often over bumps and rocks when riding off-road as this will help strengthen muscle memory when cornering at different speeds.

Kids quad bikes are a great way for kids to get outdoors and have fun, but it's important for adults to supervise them whilst riding. Children should be taught the fundamentals of safety before they start and shown how to use the quadbike safely. Kids quad bikes should be age-appropriate, with all kids under 10 needing supervision from an adult.

When off-roading, always remember to stay on the designated trails and drive around any obstacles to keep the environment safe. Always make sure that you know the area you are in, as well as being aware of any other riders or pedestrians when driving through campsites or open spaces.

No matter what your skill level is, safety should always come first! Take breaks on tight corners or tricky terrain and never underestimate accurate protective gear - crash helmets are a must if you're planning on taking off farther than expected. So now put those helmets on, grab hold of those handlebars – let’s go quad biking!

For more information about Polaris quad bikes such as the Polaris Sportsman, visit Beckside Machinery, official Polaris UK Dealers.

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