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May 2024 Spotlight: Top Deals on Used Kubota Compact Tractors

Are you in the market for a used compact tractor? If so, the first week of May 2024 brings you some exciting opportunities, especially if you're searching for used Kubota compact tractors for sale. Beckside Machinery is featuring an array of used compact tractors for sale UK, each thoroughly serviced and ready to take on various tasks. Here’s a closer look at some standout models currently available:

Kubota L5040 Compact Tractor – A Powerhouse in the Field

The Kubota L5040 Compact Tractor is up for grabs at an appealing price of £12,995. This tractor isn't just about its robust 52HP engine and a well-used but respectable hour count of 4643; it's also about comfort and utility. The heated and air-conditioned cab ensures that you're comfortable regardless of the weather, while features like multiple double-acting spool valves and an automatic pickup hitch enhance its versatility. Its turf tyres are an excellent choice for those who need to work on softer grounds without causing damage. This second hand compact tractor for sale is a gem for anyone needing a reliable and powerful used compact tractor.

Kubota B1-18 – Compact and Efficient

For those looking for something a bit smaller, the Kubota B1-18 presents a fantastic deal at £7,495. It boasts an 18HP engine and a manual transmission, making it ideal for lighter work and newer users. With only 162 operational hours, this used compact Kubota tractors for sale is practically in mint condition. Equipped with turf tyres, it promises gentle treatment of your lawns and gardens. Maintained meticulously, this used Kubota compact tractor for sale UK offers great value for money.

Kubota L5030 – Durable and Adaptable

The Kubota L5030 Used Compact Tractor is available for £11,995, offering robust features for various agricultural needs. This model is renowned for its durability and performance, equipped with a shuttle transmission that allows for smooth and efficient gear shifting. With 5271 hours logged, this tractor has demonstrated its proven reliability over many tasks. It includes a heated and air-conditioned cab, ensuring operator comfort in all weather conditions. The large turf tyres are designed to provide excellent traction while minimizing soil compaction, making it ideal for a range of ground conditions. Additionally, this tractor is equipped with a drawbar for versatile towing and hauling capabilities, and 1 x D/A spool valve, enhancing its operational flexibility. Maintained meticulously, this used Kubota compact tractor for sale UK is in good condition and ready to deliver optimal performance.

Comprehensive Service and Reliability

Beckside Machinery ensures that each used compact tractor undergoes extensive servicing and maintenance. From engine to bodywork inspections and from hydraulic to electrical system checks, every aspect is covered to guarantee that these tractors meet the highest standards of functionality and performance. Regular maintenance, including oil and filter changes, and necessary antifreeze additions, are part of the package, ensuring that your tractor operates optimally under all conditions.

Ready to Explore More?

If any of these tractors pique your interest or if you need more information on our full range of used compact tractors for sale, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965 for more details and to see how these robust machines can meet your agricultural needs. Whether it’s the Kubota L5040, B1-18, or Kubota L5030, May 2024 is an excellent time to invest in a high-quality used Kubota compact tractor for sale UK.

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