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Quad Bikes Buying Guide for New Riders

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Whether you’re thinking about your first ATV or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your old quad for now – it’s an exciting time.

Used more and more for agricultural work as well as for leisure, quads offer a whole host of benefits.

Benefits that mean there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right quad for you.

quad bikes for beginner riders

Types of ATV bikes to choose from

Utility Bikes – also known as work quads. These bikes are versatile and comfortable. They can ride through various terrains and are great for towing, hills, and mud!

Sports Quads – are manual geared ATV's which are lightweight and agile, providing a lot more speed when they get on the road. With their high-performance engines, these quads offer better suspension and excellent handling when off-roading.

Road Bikes – similar to sports quads, these ATV's are again made for speed.

Automatic quads – ideal for kids or beginners who have no prior knowledge of gears! Making sure you get the correct size and cc however is essential for safety. For example, children must be able to reach the footpegs with a bend in the knee. Quads, where the power can be restricted, are ideal, as well as those with remote cut off. These quads are designed for off-road only.

Tips for Buying Quad Bikes

Be clear on what you want

It’s important when starting your quad bike buying search that you’re clear on exactly what the quad will be used for. Work or play.

From here, you can narrow down your search as well as find different makes and models all within your set budget.

Size makes all the difference.

Choosing the right size quad is essential. It needs to be manageable as well as comfortable to control at all times. This is especially important for beginners or new riders.

To gage the perfect size, you need to identify what the bike will primarily be used for i.e. towing, hill climbing etc. How it is going to be used, as well as where i.e., what type of terrain, etc.

You also need to consider the experience of the driver as well as their age, as these will determine the perfect size ATV bike for them.

Tyres don’t all come as standard

Depending on the type of terrain the quad will be used on will depend on the type of tyre you’ll need.

This is important to note, as tyres do affect the braking capacity and capability of the bike, so you must get these right.

The different tyre types include:

  • Road – designed to provide a firm grip on flatter surfaces

  • Universal – most versatile, work well on off-road paths and moderate terrains

  • Off-road – designed for more experienced drivers on the extreme ground

Engine Size

Dictated by what you’re comfortable handling, your experience, and your requirements.

On terrain that requires control rather than speed and ATV for beginners, a 450cc to a 500cc bike is ideal.

Two or four-wheel drive?

The difference?

Four-wheel drive quads are perfect for towing and work on hilly terrains. However, they are much heavier and harder to control.

Two-wheel drive quads drive better on flatter terrain and roads, and they’re also lighter so easier to control, much more suited to quad bikes for beginners.

Used Quads

There is an excellent range of used quads for sale, but it’s vital that just like any quad you look to buy, that you test drive these first, as well as consider all of the points mentioned above.

On used quads, in particular, make sure to look out for: -

  • The bike riding straight – this will tell you that the steering and braking systems are intact.

  • Wear and tear on the tyres

  • Rust, patched paintwork or any other signs of repair

  • The chassis number (to know it hasn’t been stolen)

  • MOT and maintenance records – has it been well looked after?

Ask for help

Make sure to ask a specialist and quad bike professional for help and advice before you dive straight into a sale. Someone who really knows their quads and will know what’s most suited for you in an instant.

For example, they may tell you that power isn’t everything. And that many quad bikes for sale in the UK focus on control, with smooth suspension systems – of course, while still offering you some of the anticipated adrenaline rush!

Quad Bikes and the Law

Some ATV’s can be licenced for use on UK roads, but not all. You will need to check that the make and model you’re looking to purchase falls into the category you require.

As the driver you must also have the full UK driving licence, the bike will need to have a number plate, be taxed, insured and MOT’d.

Note: Third-party insurance is the minimum requirement.

Whether you’re looking to buy a quad bike for a beginner or you’re looking for a used ATV to upgrade from your old – Beckside Machinery can help!

Browse our available range online or contact us on 01673 828 965 with any specific questions you might have.

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