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Activities in quad biking

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Quads and quad biking can offer you the complete adrenaline, free as a bird experience.

This and also a lot of mud and dirt as you tackle some of the bumpiest terrains.

For those wanting something a little different, something to satisfy those adrenaline needs, then quad biking could be the experience for you.

In this post, we look at how quad biking activities not only help you mentally but also provide you with an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Reasons to book a quad biking activity

Quad biking has increased over the years as an activity that offers something different. A little bit of an edge and allows you to let loose (within reason) of some pent-up speed!

Whether it be crossing over muddy and uneven terrains to see some spectacular views or race around a designated track in the fastest time, quad activities are ideal for:

  • Stag and hen dos

  • Team building

  • Releasing some built-up tension and stress!

Taking a ride on a quad can offer you everything and more, adding to your thrill-seeking adventure.

Easy Riding

The good news is that quads are so incredibly easy to use and manoeuvre, you don’t need to be highly skilled to have a great experience.

With most ATV quad bikes for sale fitted with feet or handlebar acceleration and brake controls, quads can be fun and adaptable to suit a range of age groups.

Please Note: It’s important to ensure that all quad bike activities are booked with a professional activity company. With tutors and riding instructors who know their quads and who can provide full training and demonstrations before any activity takes place.

Your Quad Bike Experience

Quads are the ideal off-roading vehicle. Also, known as ATV (all-terrain vehicles), these four-wheeled contraptions provide the ultimate bouncing experience.

Moving effortlessly on low-pressure tyres, quads are robust, powerful, stable, and safe (if handled correctly).

Making your way seamlessly through off-road courses, mud, water, dirt, and more, what more could you ask for in a vehicle?!

Quad Activities for everyone

Most quad activities are suitable for all age groups and both men and women with varying skill levels.

Perfect for any outing, corporate groups, family events, and friendly get-togethers — quad biking is great if you’re looking for something different to do and something that everyone can take part in.

Quad biking is both fun and challenging, manoeuvring the vehicle around obstacles, across uneven terrain and finding out just what you can achieve.

It has also been reported that quad biking can also help to relieve stress, as your mind wanders and you focus only on the experience. Taking time to enjoy the countryside and take in some of the spectacular views.

A reputable activity team will be able to provide you with the ultimate trekking or challenge experience.

Low risk, high adrenaline, make now the time to explore your adventurous side.

What to wear

A very important question, and to kick things off we have to start by saying, `something you don’t mind getting dirty`!

In a nutshell, we’d advise:

  • Loose-fitting and comfortable clothing

  • Ideally long sleeves and trousers

  • Trainers or boots etc. are perfect as they allow you to grip the ATV much better and manage the pedals with ease

  • Nothing new! Bear in mind that on most quad experiences you will more than likely get wet and dirty, do you really want to ruin your new clothes on day 1?

Rules and Regulations

As most quad activities take place on private land, a driving licence is not required (however, a full Category B driving licence is required if you drive a quad on roads).

You don’t need any prior experience of driving a quad, as skilled activity leaders will provide full training and guidance.

Some activities will, and do, have weight limits. This is usually between 16 and 20 stone, so it is always best to check with your activity provider at the time of booking.

Some age restrictions will also apply, and an adult must accompany those who are younger than 16.

Quad biking activities can be done in all weathers and sometimes the rainier, the better! However, in extreme conditions, cancellations will be made, but all riders will be notified prior.

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