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ATV / Quad Bike Maintenance Tips

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

For those who crave the adrenaline rush, the thrill of sharp turns and driving over uneven terrain, then quad biking is definitely for you.

No other vehicle can offer you an experience quite like it, and with a range of different makes and models, there’s something to suit all needs.

When considering quad bikes for sale, you need to pay particular attention to the quality and standard of the machine you are buying.

The higher the quality and the better the brand name and reputation, the better these quad bikes tend to be when it comes to withstanding wear and tear.

For some ATV’s, strict and regimental maintenance regimes must be followed as stated in the manufacturing guidelines to help prolong the quads life span.

We always recommend that you follow all of the manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to servicing and maintenance as these can vary quad bike to quad bike.  It’s also worthwhile reading the guide/manual thoroughly, so you truly know everything about your quad.

This is what is vital.  Getting to know and understand your quad bike.

This and of course, regular ATV maintenance and servicing, helping to avoid accidents and costly breakdowns.

DIY Maintenance Tips from Beckside Machinery

Oil and Filters

Regularly changing a quad bikes oil and filters help to keep the bike's performance at its best and allows it to continue running efficiently.  It’s important to drain any remaining oil out of the system first before topping up with new.

We also recommend heating the bike a little making it easier to replace the oil.

Changing the filters helps to remove any dirt, dust, and debris that has been collected over time – all things which can damage the quads internal parts.

It’s recommended that oil and filter changes happen after approx. 15 hours of riding; however, always check the owner’s manual as some makes and models do require more attention.

Clean all Air Filters

A dirty air filter can put a lot of stress on a quads engine and will, in turn, begin to lower its performance.  Cleaning or even changing air filters help to protect the quad's engine for longer avoiding any long-term damage.

Air filters should be checked every 100 hours or approximately 600 miles.

For paper air filters use water and a cleaning solvent.

Foam filters are best cleaned by hand washing – but must be thoroughly dry before re-inserting.

Check Spark Plugs

These should be brown and not just any brown, a standard shade of brown.  For example, if they’re starting to look dark brown, your fuel mixture is too concentrated, and light brown means your mixture is too thin.  Both are not good combinations for quads to run effectively.

Check all Bolts and Hinges

Due to the tough handling road quads receive, all bolts and components should be regularly checked and tightened, making sure nothing has come loose or indeed snapped while driving!

Damp conditions can also cause corrosion, so it’s important to check bolts and hinges for any weather damage too.

Check Chains and Cables

Chains and cables will often need adjusting and lubricating to avoid problems with the quads clutch, acceleration, and braking systems.  Regular lubrication can help prolong life in these areas.

Also, mud and debris can quickly build up in fixtures and fittings, and if you let it dry, chains and brakes can be severely affected.  It’s important to check the brake fluid and brake tension before every use. With drum brakes, these should be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly after every 20 hours or so of riding.

All brakes should be checked and cleaned at least every couple of months.

Wear Protective Clothing

Most cleaning chemicals or indeed tools that you will use to help maintain a quad will be dangerous, so it’s vital to have the right equipment and most definitely the right clothing.  Most chemicals can be corrosive and cause severe allergic reactions if they come into contact with the skin – always be on guard.

The easiest way to keep up to date with your maintenance schedule is with a simple log.  Keeping a check on how many hours it has been out for miles it has done, well as when you last carried out a quad bike maintenance check.

As a minimum, it is recommended that you check your ATV every three months, at least.  However, the more often you use your quad bike, the more frequently you will have to carry out quad bike maintenance. 

If maintenance and servicing isn’t your thing, no problem, leave it to the experts at Beckside Machinery.

Our quads for sale are designed for high performance, and with regular maintenance and check-ups, we like to keep it this way.

Oh, and don’t forget:

  • Check you have the tools you need before you get started

  • Check the condition of the tyres fully

  • Check all lights and indicators etc. are working as they should be

If you would like to talk more about maintenance options or quads for sale,

Call us on 01673 828 965, we’d be happy to help!

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