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Revolutionizing Agriculture: Daedong's Leap into Smart Rice Farming with AI and Autonomous Technology

Kioti Compact Tractor

Daedong, the manufacturer of Kioti compact tractors, a key player in the field of agricultural technology, is spearheading a movement to transform conventional farming into a technologically advanced, "smart" industry. The company, co-led by CEOs Kim Jun-sik and Won Yu-hyun, has developed a comprehensive range of AI-powered, autonomous agricultural machinery specifically designed for rice farming, marking a significant advancement in this sector.

The company's ambitious vision, outlined over a 20-year plan, focuses on four pivotal areas: autonomous agricultural machinery that can operate without human intervention, smart farming systems providing tailored growth solutions, innovative mobility solutions for transport, and specialized service robots for various applications. Central to this vision is the 'Daedong Connect' app, a unique agricultural solution platform that provides easy access to these cutting-edge technologies.

Daedong's latest offerings include the HX tractors for sale and DH6135 combine, both pioneering in Korea for integrating Level-3 autonomous driving functionalities vital for rice paddy farming. These machines are designed to reduce the physical strain on farmers and increase efficiency by autonomously navigating and executing tasks. This technology is especially beneficial for new farmers, helping them achieve results comparable to their more experienced counterparts.

The company's precision agriculture services use agricultural big data to optimize the entire rice farming cycle, from plowing to harvesting. Over three years, Daedong has collected extensive data from over 100 rice paddies, spanning 188 acres, to provide customized farming solutions and analyze yield changes. This approach has led to a 6% reduction in fertilizer use and an 18% increase in rice yield, compared to traditional methods.

In a recent demonstration event at a farm in Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Daedong showcased its autonomous farming machinery. The event also included presentations on the future direction of the company's business. A key feature of the new DH6135 combine is its yield monitoring function, accessible through the Daedong Connect app, which aids in optimizing fertilization and pest control.

Looking ahead, Daedong plans to roll out its autonomous machinery and precision farming services to large-scale farms, corporate farming entities, and agricultural agencies. The company also aims to offer an agricultural agency service on its Connect platform, linking farmers with service providers. This initiative aligns with the growing trend of agricultural consolidation and the increasing involvement of local governments in farming activities.

In conclusion, Daedong's advancements in smart rice farming are setting a new standard in the agricultural industry, promising increased efficiency, reduced resource use, and enhanced yields, paving the way for a more sustainable and profitable future in agriculture.

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