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rock machinery log splitter for sale

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

A log splitter is a bit of kit used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs which have been pre-cut into portions (rounds), ordinarily by chainsaw or on a saw bench or pto saw benches for logs. A log splitter for sale consists of an electrical or hydraulic rod and cylinder construction and those are often classified by the tons of force they can create. The more powerful the force rating of the log splitter, the more formidable the thickness or length of the rounds that can be cut. The hydraulic log splitter consists of four main hydraulic elements.

Many log splitter designs for home use have a number around 10 tons, but professional hydraulic log splitter models may handle 30 tons of force or higher. There are also hand worked log splitters, which use mechanical power to force logs through a sharpened edge construction; and spiral or 'corkscrew' compact tractor attachments that are operated directly from a compact tractor's PTO shaft where the log splitter is attached to the 3-point linkage of the compact tractor.

If you are curious about a log splitter for sale then we hold a comprehensive range of Rock Machinery log splitters to meet most people's demands. These include:

30 Ton Rock Machinery Venom Log Splitter For Sale

After meticulous testing and progression, the 30-ton Venom log splitter has arrived. The T30 is Rock's MK4 modification and emphasises significant performance gains over the 2016 model. Superb for both specialist and abundant domestic use, this machine is high-speed and very efficient! With its twin-handled, one-person system, 30 tons of force is created and transmitted in a 4-second splitting cycle.

"We had a mixed bundle of timber, oak, ash, hawthorn, cherry and sycamore; all were cut without any being put on the 'to be chainsawed' pile. This device gets 10 out of 10 from me and I am looking forward to splitting the next loads."

The Rock Machinery Venom 35ton Pro-Elite Hydraulic Log Splitter is intended for professional, heavy-duty, industrial and private use. It is the most radical towable hydraulic log splitter for sale. This commodity is built to the same high-quality criteria as Rock Machinery's best-selling Venom 22-ton Hydraulic Log Splitter. It has a complete upgrated framework and structure to carry the power created by the 35ton hydraulic ram through the wood splitter performance.

This hydraulic log splitter combines the more massive 9.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine to power a more substantial 15 fpm, 2 stage pump and provides a cycling rhythm of just 13.5 seconds.

"This is a wonderful quality hydraulic log splitter that won't disappoint. It's well built, very effective and reasonably priced."

Rock Machinery have utilised the vigour, dependability and excellence of the Venom hydraulic log splitter range and delivered an exceptional compact tractor mounted log splitter for sale. The 14ton tractor mounted log splitter is a small standing hydraulic log splitter with a cat 1 3 point linkage and secure hitch mount which joins to your compact tractor within an instant.

"Very good well-built tractor attached log splitter. We run a logging firm, and we haven't seen anything that it can't split"

Please click to view our full range of log splitters for sale.

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