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Second hand compact tractors for sale

We have a number of second-hand compact tractors for sale, with various specifications, many fitted with tractor loader attachments, all able to be made up into a bespoke compact tractor package deal with various compact tractor attachments, to suit your requirements.

We stock very good condition used tractors for sale, such as John Deere and Kubota compact tractors. Some of these are road registered, and all are in good working order and come with a three-month warranty as standard. In addition to the PTO, some of them also have a mid-PTO to drive attachments like a mid-deck tractor mower. Tractor implements can be fitted to all of the tractors via 3 point linkage. If you want a 4WD compact tractor we have various models in stock.

Here is a selection of some of what we have in stock currently:

Used Tractors For Sale

The latest edition to our used tractors is an excellent condition Kubota compact tractor. The B2420 model boasts an extremely compact and slimline design. This small tractor is just one metre wide and is a very versatile value for money machine. With 4 wheel drive 23HP, and only 173 hours on the clock, this micro-tractor for sale is good value at £9995 with No VAT on this particular purchase.

Loader Tractor For Sale

If you're looking for a large compact tractor with front loader then we have in stock a TYM330 Yanmar compact tractor that's in very good working order and like all of our compact tractors for sale, it's fully serviced with a three month warranty This tractor boasts a 33 horse power fuel efficient three cylinder diesel engine, and is priced at £8995 plus VAT.

Tractor package deals

We aren't only tractor traders and tractor dealers, we also have in-stock a comprehensive selection of compact tractor attachments for sale, and are therefore able to offer substantial savings if you buy a compact tractor package deal. This deal is bespoke; simply tell us what you want to do on the farm or small holding, and we can work out the best deal for you.

Popular compact tractor implements include:

Flail Mowers

A flail mower is a piece of equipment for dealing with rough grass and scrub effectively. The flails are blades or hammers, depending on what jobs you need to do, and we have a large variety of flail mowers for sale to suit every purpose. For more difficult areas, you can buy a heavy-duty flail mower, for example. For areas that need to be kept tidy, such as lawns, parks, and so on, we have in-stock an excellent flail collector that picks up the debris and collects it into a large chamber for disposing of away from the area that has just been cut.

Power Harrows

Another recent addition to our range of tractor attachments for sale are power harrows. Our power harrows for sale are specially designed for small farms and smallholding and are incredibly useful in the preparation of seedbeds, orchards and soils. Unlike rotary tillers, a compact tractor harrow doesn't invert soil layers, therefore no dormant seeds are raised to the surface.


All in all, if you are after a used compact tractor for sale UK stock, then we probably have a machine to interest you. All of our compact tractors can be fitted with a variety of compact tractor attachments for sale UK stock also. Plus, you can save extra money if you purchase any attachments as part of a bespoke tractor package. To speak with us, please call 01673 828 965.

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