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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

History of the Kioti Tractor

Where are Kioti tractors made? Located in South Korea Daedong has been a foremost manufacturer of agricultural-related devices since 1947. Their purpose is to perfect the invention and distribution of compact tractors. With 5 facilities including a foundry, they assure the quality and strength of all the components. The ranges of compact tractors are produced to improve the efficiency and development of crop establishment and upkeep.

In 1949 Daedong produced their first engines and in 1968 their first tractors. Their primary export market was the USA, where they are an established dominant player. Exportation to Europe and the UK started in 1990. Today they ship to 80 nations. Kioti is the trademark that is used for the tractors in the European, American and Australian markets. To help with the distribution of tractors and spare parts throughout Europe in 2012 Kioti EU was established and moved into premises in Rotterdam.

The philosophy of Kioti

Kioti is the Korean name for Coyote. Durable and quick this robust animal is spread over the North American continent operating in packs.

“Our business is committed to the industry and the customers we serve. Our full attention to this mission is a given. This is why our company guarantees to produce for you the very best of machinery making the purchase of a Kioti tractor a unique experience. This is what we do”
– Peter Dong Kyun Kim, CEO, Daedong – USA, inc. Kioti Tractor Division.

The mission of Kioti UK:

Kioti Uk Ltd was created in February 2016. The sole objective of the company is to sell, develop and support the Kioti compact tractors, Utility side by side vehicles and WD1260 cut and collect mowers. In the UK there is an experienced team selling the products throughout the UK. All sales are made using the Kioti Uk Dealer network.

Beckside Machinery are official Kioti Dealers UK.

Beckside Machinery has been the leading retailer of the Kioti tractor for several years. A family-run business based on a working farm near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, Beckside Machinery are the premier Kioti Dealers, UK. They offer a full range of Kioti compact tractors for sale, including...

The sub-compact tractor models

The CS2610 subcompact tractor is well recognised to be ideal for all types of work in green areas. Agile and compact the CS can be equipped with an additional mid-mounted mower deck and a Kioti invented front loader attachment. Its narrow girth and low centre of gravity gives it a very close turning circle. This makes it straightforward to use and very agile, even in compact spaces. Petite in size but massive in character the rear 3 point linkage is ideal to work with your various compact tractor attachments whatever your necessities. This tractor is Road homologated and provides you the versatility, stature and peace of mind to operate in public spaces.

The movement of the Kioti CS is effortless, it has, two-pedal hydrostatic transmission (0ne pedal for forward and another for reverse), hydraulic power steering and a huge spacious flat-floored operator floor. The controls are conveniently located. All of these features collectively mean that even if using the CS2610 for long working hours it is a delight to use

CK Kioti Tractor

The CK Kioti compact tractors include two horsepowers, 28 and 33 HP*. The body is the same for both models. With two types of transmission possible, the CK tractor solves perfectly the need for a tractor that can be used intensively in green areas and many other applications. To guarantee that your CK Kioti tractor will perform with greatest efficiency and productivity, we offer you a selection of transmission systems HST or Mechanical.

When traction performance is the main priority, the mechanical transmission is quick and economic. The 4 wheel drive when engaged supplies the ideal power to weight ratio. This allows the full power of the CK models to be fully used. The versatility of the Hydrostatic transmission and comfort while working, ensures where required, an exact and high level of productivity. Whatever it is you need to do it is you who will manage the speed of your work.

With two horsepower designs available 35 and 40, and two kinds of transmission the tractors can be furnished either with open platform ROPS or luxury spacious cabin. Conditional to your requirements, there will be a design that will perfectly satisfy your needs. Both types of transmission, mechanical and HST will guarantee that your time is used efficiently. The tractor’s power blends well with the transmission to produce the greatest productivity. You are open to choose the option that suits your requirements. The mechanical transmission has 12 forward and 12 backwards gears. You will have gear suitable for any work you need to do. The HST models have 3 ranges. Double pedal HST makes forward and reverses driving effortless. The linked pedal feature as standard*. This relates the engine revs. to the movement, you employ to the HST pedals. It conserves fuel and reduces unnecessary noise. Driving the tractor is a delight. On the HST model, cruise control is also standard assuring that you can maintain a steady speed for those jobs that require precision. Entrance to the cabin or ROPS tractors is easy. The driver floor is flat and spacious. The instruments are ergonomically arranged and the displays are open to see. The driver will not be fatigued even after days with extended working hours. With the Kioti CK tractor, they will become easy.

In part 2 we will walk you through of the remainder of our Kioti UK range.

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