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The L-Series KubotA tractor, Part 2

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Click here for the L-series Kubota tractor, Part One.

L-Series Kubota Tractor PTO and hydraulics

Live-independent PTO. The hydraulically initiated Live independent PTO clutch allows the PTO to be independently engaged/ released while the tractor is travelling. A Neutral/Auto Shut-off system and protecting flip-up shields are added for a full upgrade in total PTO safety and productivity.

Deluxe 3-Point Hitch

The Kubota tractor sturdy 3-point hitch enables the use of a wide range of compact tractor attachments. It comes fitted with a standard quick hitch that is located on the tip of the lower links so that appliances can be attached quickly and effortlessly.

This compact tractor incorporates HST Plus Advanced technology

Kubota’s HST Plus provides optimal control and easy operation of both the hydraulic pump and the drive engine. By controlling the pump swash plate and regulating the motor swash plate between two stages, you maximise the performance of HST Plus whether you favour manual or automatic control on the compact tractor.

Servo Piston Pump Motor

6 Speed Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS) Hi-Lo Function now featuring 3 range shift speeds, Kubota Tractors HST Plus incorporates a lever to shift between high and low rates in each range, expanding your choices to six total speeds. Once your preferred range shift speed is established, you can easily shift the H-DS between the high and low velocities while moving. With a simple touch of the Mode Selection switch, you can activate the Auto H-DS for automatic Hi/Lo downshifting.

Auto Throttle Advance

The new Auto Throttle Advance characteristic links the HST pedal and the engine throttle, synchronising compact tractor speed and engine rotation. This considerably simplifies tractor operation and helps reduce fuel expenditure. Now, all you need to do to control compact tractor speed and motor revolutions is depress the HST pedal.

Load Sensing

The L2 Series boasts an innovative Load Sensing feature that, if it identifies a drop in engine RPM, will automatically regulate HST pump and motor action. With three modes to choose from, transmission performance can be tailored to accommodate your immediate needs. Each progressive press of the button will select the next mode, from Mode 1 to Mode 3, and back repeatedly.

HST Response Control

The HST response speed can be changed with a simple touch of a button. If your task requires a swift response, you can select the FAST setting. This setting is perfect for use during tractor loader related chores. If the task at hand needs a more gradual response, as used for turf work, choose SLOW.

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