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The Versatility Of A Flail Mower For Sale

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Flail mowers are oftentimes labelled as expensive, unnecessary pieces of equipment when people examine nothing more than the cost to other mowers. Still, many times they overlook to add in the price of the other mowers they require to do all the jobs that a flail mower can do. Flail mowers may be used to tidy up rough brush, perfect lawns without leaving windrows, and also on sports fields for an incredible finish, all with the protection that any driver would require for themselves and anyone that might be nearby. After buying a flail mower, many users find themselves employing them for more stuff than they had intended on, without the maintenance that some other forms of mower would have you doing.

Flail mowers utilise a fast rotating drum to spin many small blades, which cut grass and small brush with a very clean-cut up to a particular size, but not stall the engine if it meets an object it cannot cut or remove. Once the roller is set to the proper height, the flails will refresh your lawn giving the cut-up grass an even coating of the mulched up grass. The flail mower drives off of the PTO shaft of compact tractors, without the aid of belts, so with a little oil in a couple of places, the only maintenance you will be taking is replacing worn blades.

The back area of flail mowers is encased in a metal plate or chains to block debris from flying out and potentially injuring someone. These safety plates or chains securely deflect wood chips, rocks, or other debris without blocking up the mower or creating a danger.

Beckside Machinery are proud to stock the UK’s most comprehensive range of flail mowers for sale, which are subdivided into the following categories:

We have multiple models in each category to suit your specific requirements. All variants can be viewed from our Flail Mower page. Please call us on 01673 828 965 if you want any help.

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