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Tractor Mounted Log Splitter With Two Tool Elements

This invention relates to a log splitter for sale with two tool elements that is connected to a vehicle, in particular to a compact tractor for sale. On one hand, a wedge blade is carried by a trestle that can be connected to a vehicle, and on the other, a counter holder is opposite the wedge blade. This other element is arranged at the end facing away from the drive connected to the trestle arms, which is arranged with a drive on the trestle whose distance from the other element is variable.

Laminated wood is often too strong in diameter at the lower end of the trunk, especially before stacking split lengthways. A compact tractor attachment for this purpose is already known, which essentially consists of an upwardly protruding counter holder at its rear end that extends counter to the tractor's travel direction. A hydraulic log splitter cylinder is also used at its front end, actuated by a wedge slidably guided on the arm's upper side, whose cutting edge is directed towards the counterholder.

By actuating a hydraulic cylinder, a plywood section clamped between the counter holder and the wedge blade is clamped between the counter holder and the wedge blade in the known wood splitting device. By further actuating the hydraulic cylinder, the wedge is driven into the plywood section until it breaks apart in two longitudinal pieces.

Due to the weight of the plywood sections, this construction has the disadvantage of placing the laminated wood sections on the log-splitting device by hand. When heavy sections with a large diameter are required, a splitting process is necessary, but these difficult sections cannot be hand-finished. The reason for this is either lifting equipment is required, which makes the work process cumbersome and therefore expensive, or is not always available, so wedges are made by hand in the formerly customary manner and must be driven into the wood section.

With the tractor log splitter for sale, as opposed to a petrol log splitter, relatively lighter plywood sections can only be used for splitting, and the pieces must be transferred to the stacking area by hand or by another means.

With this log splitter for tractor, both light as well as very heavy plywood sections can be split with minimal effort without requiring additional tools.

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