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Where Are Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors Made?

Origin of Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors

Massey Ferguson has been ruling the world as one of the core brands of tractors for over 170 years. Ferguson Tractors are a trademark for top-rated quality, remarkable horsepower range, and high-power delivery. Along with John Deere, Kioti and Branson Tractos they are one of the top-rated brands, producing the best tractors across the globe.

But do you want to know how the company paved its way to becoming one of the top producers in the market? If yes, then let's take a glance at the beginning of Massey Ferguson.

Early days of Massey Ferguson

Initially, Daniel Massey established Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufacture in Clarington, Ontario, Canada, in 1847. Soon, he rebranded his company as Massey Manufactury Co. which became popular in the market for manufacturing one of the first mechanical threshers in the world. Due to its substantial demand, Massey expanded his business and soon became one of the major employers in Toronto.

Massey-Harris Merger and Wartime production:

By 1819, Massey Manufacturing Co. partnered with A. Harris, Son & Company, becoming Massey-Harris Limited. The combined company introduced a series of reapers, threshers, and safety bicycles to its product line. Thus, it became one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of farming equipment across the globe.

In 1930, Massey-Harris developed its first tractor featuring a 20-horsepower Massey Harris GP 15/22. By 1936, the product line progressed with the 25-horsepower Massey-Harris Pacemaker. Another tractor called the 35-hp Massey-Harris Model 101 was introduced in 1938. They also produced numerous military vehicles for the Allied forces in World War II.

Massey Ferguson Partnership and AGCO:

After World War II, Massey-Harris combined with the Ferguson Company. Hence, they became Massey Ferguson. Later, AGCO Corporation, a publicly traded farm equipment manufacturer, acquired the merged company with headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, with annual sales of over $9 billion. Fendt, Challenger, GSI, and Valtra represent the other four AGCO core brands that produce products in addition to Massey Ferguson.

Where are Massey Ferguson compact tractors made?

Currently, Massey Ferguson compact tractors are still produced by Massey Ferguson Limited, which functions as a subsidiary of AGCO Corporation. The headquarters of the US-based Corporation is located in Duluth, Georgia. Today, the organization produces a wide variety of tractors, including sub-compact tractors, utility tractors, compact tractors, high-horsepower tractors, mid-range tractors, and row-crop tractors.

Over the years of experience, Massey Ferguson has specialized in producing incredibly high-horsepower range tractors. Besides this, they have also enhanced their production of combines, planters, harvesters, loaders, ground moves, and much more.

Major Operating Facilities Around the Globe:

At present, Massey Ferguson controls eight primary manufacturing facilities around the globe. Let's take a closer look:

  1. Kansas, USA: This facility is known for initiating the baler concept in the 1970s era. It continues to manufacture balers, hay and foray equipment. The plant has over 13 production lines that produce an array of agricultural machinery.

  2. Beauvais, France: It is the Corporation's most advanced tractor facility that exports over 85 percent of its products worldwide.

  3. Breganze, Italy: This facility boasts an experience of 60 years in manufacturing Combine Harvesters.

  4. Changchun, China: Changzhou facility manufactures tractors for Asia-Pacific areas.

  5. Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil: The facility produces a wide variety of tractors, generators, engines, sugarcane harvesters, and sprayers.

  6. Santa Rosa, Brazil: Santa Rosa has been manufacturing combined harvesters for the Latin American region since 1975.

  7. Canoas, Brazil: Canoas facility manufactures around fifty percent of the total tractors for Brazil. It is the largest tractor factory in Latin America.

  8. Imbituba, Brazil: This facility is engaged in manufacturing planters and implements.

Why Are Massey Ferguson Tractors a Good Farm Equipment?

As a leading tractor brand and agricultural machinery corporation, let us see what makes Massey Ferguson tractors a farmer's favourite gear in agriculture activities:

  • Durability:

Behold! Massey Ferguson is one of the most durable tractors on the market. They boast an excellent transmission system that allows you to switch between multiple speeds even when carrying a heavy load. Since they are not vulnerable to excessive wear and tears, they are highly durable.

  • Extraordinary Efficient and High-Horsepower:

The agriculture machinery brand is known for its consistency in delivering reliable equipment. It's incredible that you can compare the remarkable efficiency of some utility tractors and compact tractors with high-horsepower tractors. The tractors also feature high-performing engines packed with turbochargers, 3-cylinder, and four-valve. These features maintain fuel efficiency and hydraulic flow. Yes, the tractors use a minimal amount of fuel to function at their best during any operation.

  • Comfort and Configuration:

The configuration of the tractors is such that they can withstand a heavy capacity. Operators can enjoy full ergonomics and visibility while lifting hefty-hefty loads. Various models also come equipped with Visio Roofs. These roofs ensure excellent quality and give the operator a clear vision of the work process ahead. The Massey Ferguson tractor has a unique design boasting superior hydraulics, hydraulic flow, and top-tier construction. Various models include a metal hood. This metallic hood is resistant to rust build ups and hence prevents corrosion. Talking about the dashboard, all the settings are easily accessible and simple. So any operator using the tractor for the first time will not fail to notice the comfort and excellent configuration.

Key takeaways:

Now that you're aware of all the historical background, origin and impressive specs of Ferguson Tractors, you must be contemplating the final verdict.

Despite the debate regarding Kubota tractors vs. Ferguson tractors in the industry, you cannot afford to miss Massey Ferguson tractors for their classical design and impressive performance in farming activities. You can never go wrong with this premium agricultural machine that boasts advanced technological improvements, powerful engines, and a comfortable configuration to facilitate the operator. Take the efficiency and speed of your agriculture chores to another level with Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors.

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