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The FarmMaster HSB-145 tractor stone burier for sale is perfect for use throughout smallholdings and paddocks. It buries stones and rubble to produce a quality finish while levelling the grounds for a smooth new seedbed.


The FarmMaster compact tractor stone burier is excellent for green areas, rotovating and tilling of paddocks or pastures as it features a tilling depth of 12cm.


More massive stones and other debris reposition underneath the lighter tilled soil, which lays on the top. The roller on our stone burier for sale moves over the tilled soil and levels it so that the area ready for grass seeding.


These compact tractor attachments can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors.


Excellent For:

  • Stone and debris burying 
  • Preparation of seedbeds
  • Levelling the ground



  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Roller for evening tilled soil
  • More massive stones & debris buried more underground
  • Sturdy Heavy-duty gearbox
  • Smooth running and finish
  • Enhanced safety features


The high-quality compact tractor stone burier for sale develops the ground entirely for sowing or planting. The stone burier works undesired grass, plant remains and stones down in the ground. The fine topsoil is accomplished in just one operation. There is no obligation to go around collecting stones, which results in impressive time savings during tilling.



  • Undesired grass, coarse plant remains
  • and stones get run into the ground, leaving finely tilled earth on the surface
  • The terrain can be prepared for sowing
  • or planting in a single procedure
  • Entire width gets sculptured from end to
  • end thanks to the lateral drive
  • Adjustable working depth
  • Low weight (compared with compact tractors)
  • protects the ground
  • Also perfect for use in tunnels or
  • greenhouses
  • Small compact tractor attachments widths to enable access through narrow gates and via the tiniest paths.


Ready for sowing in a single execution

The robust tine pairs, which rotate the opposite way to the direction of travel, finely till the ground. Unwanted grass, plant remains and stones are thrown against a grid and worked downwards into the ground. 


At the same time, the finely tilled soil is deposited on the surface. The mesh roller ensures that the surface is gently consolidated and finely textured. In this way, green areas, fields or even newly designed garden environments can be perfectly prepared for sowing and planting in a single operation


Complete width worked effectively

The advantage of the stone burier's lateral drive is that the

ground can even be tilled effectively in the centre. The laterally attached drive stands out thanks to its compact design and automatic chain

tensioning feature. The advantage of the laterally adjustable mesh roller is that you can get very close to the edge of curbs and walls etc.


Easy continuous adjustment of the working depth

The working depth is set by adjusting the mesh roller. The manual spindle makes it really easy to adjust on a continuous scale.


Huge time savings

Manual work is kept to an ideal minimum even on small areas with lots of holes and crevices. As a result, they can be used to develop the ground perfectly and in next to no time, creating a fine tilth in even the smallest corners


Low-maintenance and durable

The stone burier, which is invented for professionals, leaves nothing to be wanted in terms of maintenance, either. All the components are remarkably robust with a view to minimising maintenance.


This makes the compact tractor stone burier highly durable. It makes work fun without breaking the bank.


Main areas of application

Rapid machine unit combinations involving a stone burier can be used to carry out various types of work efficiently.


The main areas of application are:

  • Horticulture and landscape gardening
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Fruit-growing
  • Agriculture


For more information please call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965 today.

FarmMaster HSB-145 Compact Tractor Stone Burier For Sale

  • Specifications





    Working width


    Roller size


    Input speed of PTO


    Number of blades


    No. of flange


    Tilling depth




    Power required



    FARMMASTER is rapidly becoming a favourite brand among compact tractor attachments for sale. Read more about FARMASTER Machinery.

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