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  • 46HP engine provides robust power for various tasks
  • Powershift transmission ensures smooth gear shifting
  • 5216 operating hours, indicative of its reliable performance
  • Equipped with large turf tyres suitable for gentle terrain interaction
  • Heated and air-conditioned cab for comfortable operation in any weather
  • Features 2 x double-acting (D/A) spool valves for hydraulic equipment
  • Includes a drawbar for towing and attachment capabilities
  • Maintained in good condition, reflecting careful use and upkeep.



Discover the Iseki TG5470 compact tractor, a standout in our collection of used compact tractors for sale. This used Iseki tractor is a testament to the durability and quality that Iseki compact tractors are known for. With a 46HP engine and a user-friendly Powershift transmission, it exemplifies the efficiency and power needed for various tasks. Its 5216 hours of use underscore a legacy of reliability and performance. Designed for comfort, the cab is equipped with heating and air conditioning, ensuring operator comfort in any weather condition. Whether you're in the UK searching for used compact tractors for sale UK or require a dependable used compact tractor, the TG5470 is an excellent choice, reflecting the value and versatility Iseki is known for.


Service Details:

  • Beckside Machinery is a trusted provider of used Iseki compact tractors for sale UK.
  • Our experienced mechanics ensure every second hand compact tractor for sale meets our rigorous standards.
  • From engine to drawbar, every aspect of our Iseki compact tractors is inspected and serviced for optimal performance.


Price: £11,995 plus VAT and delivery.


Contact Details: For more information on this used compact tractor, please contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965.

Iseki TG5470 Used Compact Tractor for Sale


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