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Kubota Lincolnshire: Kubota B1500D


Kubota B1500D 4WD  Compact Tractor with LAND LUGGER™ LQ100   Front Loader & LAND LUGGER™ BH10 BackHoeDigger



We have for sale a Kubota B1500D Compact Tractor with  Front Loader 

This tractor is in very good condition  as you can see the pictures speak for themselves.

This tractor and loader  offers a substantial saving on buying a new tractor.

The tractor as powerful 21HP  3 cylinder fuel efficient diesel engine.

The loader is controlled by a user friendly 1 in 4 joystick controller 

Foldable Roll Bar.

The tractor has High and Low range gear selection with 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear in Low and 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear in High.

The tractor has 2WD and 4WD selection.

Standard UK C/W rear PTO, and hydraulic lift. This Tractor can power many different types of implements.

3 point linkage.

Front weight plate.

The tractor is in  very good condition body work and mechanically.

 All electrics work including the lights.

The tractor has been fully serviced with new oils and filters on the hydraulics, fuel and oil. New 40% anti freeze so protected for the harsh winter.

We can add additional attachments or modify the tractor to suit your needs.


LANDLUGGER BH10 Tractor Backhoe

The LANDLUGGER BH10 is designed for sub-compact to small tractors, from 15-35hp.  It is probably the best backhoe for a sub-compact tractor in UK. In the BH10, LANDLUGGER have been able to engineer a very light and fully-functional backhoe that is stable and transports safely on your tractor’s linkage.  It may also be folded close to the tractor, compactly and conveniently, for storage. It is the best sub-compact tractor backhoe for Kioti and other sub-compact tractors brands. A LANDLUGGER backhoe attachment will save you time and save your back.

LANDLUGGER tractor backhoes have an independent hydraulic oil tank; hydraulic remotes are not required for operation. It can be used with virtually any tractor that has a PTO.

Quality Tractor Backhoes Performs & Keeps Performing

A quality backhoe is not a “cheap” implement and while there are some relatively cheap Asian tractor backhoes on the market, they are often fraught with issues such as poor geometry, inferior components, low build quality and poor bucket design. This can render the backhoe almost useless and ultimately, a waste of money.

Reasons to Choose LANDLUGGER Tractor Backhoes

LANDLUGGER backhoes utilise high quality componentry and design, to produce a superior backhoe that does what it is intended to do; some backhoes simply don’t!


LANDLUGGER backhoes feature:

·         Italian hydraulic pumps.

·         Italian hydraulic cylinders.

·         Italian hydraulic hoses.

·         Purpose-specific buckets that are of a similar shape to a £35,000 excavator. Bucket shape has a significant impact on backhoe performance.

·         Up to 6 sizes of buckets from which to choose.

·         Independent, hydraulically-operated stabilizer legs, to optimize stability on uneven ground.

·         Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulator to prevent damage from immovable objects.

·         Adjustable seat for optimal operating position.

·         Tilt seat with gas strut for compact transportation and protection from the elements.


Standard features:


Three-point hitch, category 1 and 2. – PTO driven hydraulic pump with gearbox for 540 rpm. - Independent hydraulic system with pump and hydraulic oil tank with13 litres oil capacity. - 6 hydraulic cylinders. - Independent hydraulically operated stabilizers. - Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulation. - Tilt seat, adjustable.

This tractor is in very good working order and fully serviced for peace of mind.


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Kubota B1500D Compact Compact Tractor 4WD Front Loader & Back Hoe Digger


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