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Transportation of agricultural products is the lifeline in every country for human survival. Agro Products' include wide range of products related to agriculture produce. The supply chain from sowing seed to delivery to the market or customer goes through many stages from: sowing, fertilization, harvesting, threshing, storing, processing and exchange. One also needs to consider losses at every stage and making them as efficient and lossless as possible for reduced costs and spillage.


The losses and expense can be emphasized due to lack of manpower, incorrect apparatus, and inaccessibility for the machinery. Therefore, it is crucial to have the correct machinery and competent workers. Transport logistics plays a major role to cover differing geographical and economical areas. Manageability of the machines, high flexibility and usually most operationally suitable and readily available for moving goods.


 Transport creates market for agricultural produce, improves interaction among geographical and economic regions and opens new areas to economic focus. There are intricate relationships that vary both spatially and over time between transport and development. However, for any development to take place, transport plays a crucial role. According to Ajiboye and Afolayan (2009), road transport is the most common and complex network. It includes wide range, physically convenient, highly flexible and usually the most operationally suitable and readily available means of movement of goods.


Fleming design and manufacturer light duty to heavy duty tipping boxes to the highest standards to work in garden and horticultural environments.

Benefits Include

  •  For longer life and durability, it has a durable protective coating

  • Operable from within the CAB.

  • Solidly built from reinforced steel.

  • Removable back door

  • Made for general purpose light duties around the farm and smallholding.


Features Include:

  • Compact Tipping Box

  • Mini and standard boxes to suit tractors from 16 - 60 horse power

  • Reinforced 3mm plate body

  • Comes with CAT 1 pins.

  • All Tipping Boxes are standard.

  • Maximum load for 4ft (150kg) and 5ft Box (200kg)

  • Cat 1 Pins supplied



Available from 5ft (1.5m) up to 7ft. (2.13m)

The cross beams on the back of the box to the floor are internally strengthened to absorb high force impact from the tractor. 

To make uploading and cleaning easy it has reinforced shoes

Heavy duty Double acting ram AND reinforced floor & nose plate.

The 5mm thick folded form of the box has 2 internal reinforcing beams across the back of the body of the box eliminating any flexing when the box is under heavy load.

fitted scraping blade, supported by the floor skids further adding reinforcing strength to the back of the box.

It has the capability of grading and levelling stones, sand, soil because the heel of the box is fitted with scrapping blades.


The Fleming Tipping Trailer for compact tractor range is designed with a strong and sturdy structure which allows for multi-purpose use.

The compact Tipping Trailer models include:

- TR1

- TR2

Feature of the TR1 include:

- Removable sides

- 2.5mm Reinforced floor and side chimes fabricated in one piece for extra strength

- Size 1.91m x 1.22m x 0.32m

- Reinforced sides and hinge points

- High tip for clean unloading

- Structural steel chassis with 23 x 10.50 x 12 tyres as standard on 5 stud axle

- Optional mesh sides

- 1500kg capacity

- Parking jack as standard


Features of the TR2 include:

- Removable sides

- 3mm reinforced floor and side chimes fabricated in one piece for extra strength

- Size 2.6m x 137m x 0.4m

- Reinforced sides and hinge points

- High tip for clean unloading

- Structural steel chassis with 10 x 80 x 12.5 tyres as standard on 5 stud axle

- Mesh sides optional

- 2000kg capacity

- Parking jack as standard

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